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  1. jaydoc1

    An amazing video displaying the video/camera capabilities of the 6/6+! Check it out. Amazing video and a wide variety of still shots comparing the two new phones' cameras to the 5S. It's worth watching the video just to see the Iceland scenery! Make sure to enable HD in the videos.
  2. jaydoc1

    iOS7 has turned my devices into crashtastic not-so-magical pieces of crap!

    Of course this isn't exactly news but my God using my iPad 3 and iPhone 4S has become such a frustrating experience almost every time I need to use them that I'm about ready to pull my hair out. I can't count the amount of times Pages has crashed on me halfway through a document that I then need...
  3. jaydoc1

    Question about upgrading my wife to 5S as a Christmas present.

    So my wife has been needing a new iPhone for some time. So I would like to upgrade her iPhone 4 to a 5S for Christmas (keeping same phone number). If I order through the Apple store, it won't shut her current phone off until we activate the new one, will it? We're on Verizon, BTW...
  4. jaydoc1

    Next iPhone to have curved screen and come in two sizes?

    Maybe so says Bloomberg. Never too early for rumors, right?
  5. jaydoc1

    My only issue with iOS7 is that it's killed my vehicle connectivity.

    I have had great luck upgrading my 4S to 7. Perfectly smooth transition from Jailbroken iOS 5. I have had zero issues with it and really like it. Until the last couple days when the wired vehicle connectivity in my '13 Rubicon and my '10 Suburban more or less quit. Bluetooth still works well...
  6. jaydoc1

    No maps in my Yahoo weather app.

    For some reason I don't have any maps in my Yahoo weather app. And it doesn't look like there's any sort of setting to turn them on. Is anyone else having this problem? Am I missing something obvious?
  7. jaydoc1

    This stuff looks like it's magic and we might finally have a real waterproof coating for the iPhone!

    So I ran across this video on a Jeep JK forum when researching how people are caring for their undercarriages. I have never seen anything like this and it is actually out there available for purchase at Home Depot. The iPhone application starts at 3:21 of the video but you will be doing...
  8. jaydoc1

    I think we all know it's coming but this AT&T store is putting it right out there

    Photo taken outside of my local AT&T store. Shows Windows Phone 8, Galaxy S3, HTC One X and Motorola Atrix HD. Above all these phones is the still yet to be announced iPhone 5.
  9. jaydoc1

    Holster for 4S in Otterbox Commuter?

    Anyone found one that works? Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  10. jaydoc1

    I am absolutely fed up with my iPad since iOS 5.

    Just a basic venting post. My iPad was fine. There wasn't a thing wrong with it. Absolutely no bugginess to speak of and "upgrading" to iOS 5 absolutely ruined it. Constant crashes. Programs closing all the time. It has stopped being a device that "just works" and become one that I "just hope it...
  11. jaydoc1

    Anybody know if there is a way to turn off group reply in messaging?

    Disregard. Found my answer. Thanks for watching.
  12. jaydoc1

    Somebody call the Orkin man...

    ...because this 4S/iTunes combo is buggy! For some reason, iTunes stopped being able to read the contents of my 4S. It would recognize the phone and then everything would disappear and an error message would pop up. After trying everything I could think of (soft resets, hard resets, reloading...
  13. jaydoc1

    Can you play music using the audio out jack and Bluetooth at the same time?

    I plug my iPad into my stereo and stream Pandora. Can I simultaneously use a wireless Bluetooth speaker? Just curious because I would like to be able to stream music to my patio while it is also on inside the house. Sent from my iPad using iCafe app
  14. jaydoc1

    Don't seem to be able to enable mirroring from my 4S to Apple TV2.

    I hit the home button twice. Swipe right twice. Hit the output source button. Select Apple TV. Then nothing happens. I'm not given the option to enable mirroring. Any ideas?
  15. jaydoc1

    For those of you that enjoy the Kindle app on your iPad: BOHICA.

    (That's the acronym for Bend Over, Here It Comes Again) I try not to view all corporations as money-hungry, sell their mother's soul to make a buck, groups of people. I believe in making as much money as you want as long as you do it fairly and don't take advantage of your customers in order...
  16. jaydoc1

    Phantom Ns and Ms.

    So anyone else suffer from this affliction? It goes something like this: You are typing along at a pretty good clip and when you look up you realize that instead of hitting the space bar you've been hitting the letter n or m. It looks something like this: Younrealizenthatninsteadnof Now...
  17. jaydoc1

    Not to beat a dead horse (complaint) but...

    I'm starting to really resent the few drawbacks that my iPad has which are really becoming an annoyance to my enjoyment while using it. This device has so much potential. From the moment I hit the on button it literally takes 7 seconds to be surfing. No other device I have can match that. The...
  18. jaydoc1

    Well, didn't take long for Netflix to stop working on my iPad.

    Was not going to get an iPad but the thought of streaming Netflix to it was too much so bought my 64 gig WiFi version 3 days after release. Netflix stopped working yesterday and I can't figure out how to get it restarted.
  19. jaydoc1

    Come on 2011! Verizon may be getting 4G iPhone.

    Of course it looks like AT&T will be getting it earlier: Either way, it's making me wonder about upgrading Droid to the HTC Incredible or Nexus One (if the lawsuit with Apple ever lets...
  20. jaydoc1

    Finally switched back to Verizon but having some problems.

    Well, after enjoying an iPhone in it's three iterations for the past 3 years, I've finally had enough of AT&T and switched back to Verizon. It was a great run with the iPhone but enough was finally enough. Yesterday I went in and bought three Droid Erises. Now that I've switched, however...