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  1. missygal

    iPhone 8 Upgrade question

    How does upgrading on another line work? I’m not eligible yet so was going to upgrade through husbands line. Do they shut his phone off at anytime or do I just take to AT&T when I get it and they do everything then? TIA
  2. missygal

    iPhone 7 Thinking of downsizing

    I have an iPhone 7 Plus and I've been thinking of going to a 7. Has anyone else done this? Have you regretted it? Thanks!!
  3. missygal

    iPhone 7 Apple pick up question

    I just reserved an IPhone 7 Plus from the Apple Store between 12:30 & 1pm. Does that mean I for sure get one? Sorry I've never done this before...
  4. missygal

    Alert tone gone...

    I downloaded a alert tone from iTunes the other day and now it's gone! It's not even under purchased. It was my default alert tone for almost two days then disappeared! I searched to find one I liked and now I have no idea what it was even called... Has this happened to anyone? Thanks
  5. missygal

    Anyone have a UAG case?

    Does anyone have an UAG Case? I'm thinking about one for my plus...wondering if it's really bulky! I have the Speck Candyshell Grip right now.
  6. missygal

    Can I remove profile pics from iMessage messages?

    Is there a way to take the profile pics off of iMessage messages on the iPhone plus? Thanks in advance!
  7. missygal

    Traded for Plus

    I had originally got the iPhone 6 but have always kinda regretted it so went to AT&T today and sold it back and got the Plus!! It's big but I'm loving it!
  8. missygal

    Facebook notifications

    Sorry if this doesn't belong here... Since the latest updates I can't figure out how to stop notifications in Facebook. Before you were able to go to setting then notifications and choose which ones you wanted to stop. Anyone know how?? Sent from my iPhone 6 using iCafe Forums
  9. missygal

    Couple cases ordered

    I should be getting my Incipio NGP for iPhone 6 - Translucent Frost Thursday and just got an email that The Speck case I wanted is available so ordered that also! I don't know if I'm too picking or becoming a caseaholic!
  10. missygal

    Accuweather error: "Application unavailable, please contact product managers."

    I keep getting this every time I open Accuweather App. "Application unavailable, please contact product managers." Anyone know why?
  11. missygal

    Black screen

    It's not a big deal but when I open a text message the part where the keyboard is suppose to be is all black then keyboard appears. Anyone else see this?
  12. missygal

    Anyone buy Apple leather, silicone case for iPhone 6?

    Has anyone got an Apple leather or silicone case for their iPhone 6? If so can you post pics? Thanks
  13. missygal


    I got this message last night, is this throttling I see people talking about?
  14. missygal


    I have a Fitbit that connects to my iphone via bluetooth. When I look under bluetooth it's always "searching". Could this be the cause of battery drain or does just plain bluetooth drain it?
  15. missygal

    Email "read"

    Is there a setting so I get notified when an email has been read? Like iMessages... Thanks
  16. missygal

    Spigen Neo

    I just ordered the spigen neo and realized it's a two piece case. Do they stay together well? I'm not usually a fan of two piece cases.
  17. missygal

    Can't swipe

    More often now I can't swipe to answer phone ect...I have to push the top power button then home then swipe. Since it should still be under warranty would you get a new phone or try to wait for iPhone 6? I can't decide...
  18. missygal

    Case that works with charger

    Are there any cases that you don't have to take off to charge phone? I really like Speck cases but noticed with the two I have I can't leave on and charge. Thanks!:)
  19. missygal

    Got a new speaker today

    I picked up an iHome iDM8 today from Best Buy and I'm pretty happy with it! It has great sound and was only $39.99 on sale. Just thought I'd share... Sent using iCafe app
  20. missygal

    iPhone 5 crashing

    I just got my iPhone 5 last week and I'm already having problems! Some apps are crashing and sometimes while taking pic or modifying pic phone goes to Apple Logo then back on. Anyone else have this problem?