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  1. ericsinsideout

    Finally, an iOS I won't have to Jailbreak for the basics

    I don't know about everyone else, but looking at the new iOS and all it's new features, I think this might be the first iOS I won't feel the need to jailbreak unless it's for something like wifi tethering. the new control center (for the most part) looks like it can replace SBSettings and the...
  2. ericsinsideout

    anyone having issues with folders after jailbreak?

    I haven't figured out the root cause of the issue yet, but folders seem to be opening from the position of the icon and extending beyond the bottom of the screen instead of expanding in the middle of the screen to see the whole folder. screen shots to come
  3. ericsinsideout

    Anyone ever use Best Buy to pre-order

    I called them today and all they ask for is a $15 deposit, but you have to go in store to order and pick it up. I was thinking of going through them since I figured I could just put the whole balance on my best buy card, but they don't let you pay all up front rather you pay the remainder when...
  4. ericsinsideout

    Photo contest for 3/12 - 3/18

    This week's subject is one of my favorite instagram trends, #foundtype. Type is everywhere and sometimes it can be very beautiful, whether it's old and decayed or clean and modern. Take a picture of some lettering that you feel matches the concept and may the best one win. iPhones only and no...
  5. ericsinsideout

    What's your drink of choice?

    I've decided to try and start a new (hopefully never ending) thread. Hopefully no one has tried to start one of these threads before (yes Ray, that was for you). It can be non-alcoholic, specific beer/cider, wine, ****tail or whatever you choose. I'll get it started; I prefer most anything...
  6. ericsinsideout

    Notification Crash on Jailbroken iOS5.0

    is anyone having this issue? Basically, every now and again, when I unlock my phone (mostly through a notification but recently with answering a call while phone was unlocked) the springboard crashes as though something I have isn't compatible with ios 5. I have to say it's a little more that...
  7. ericsinsideout

    iOS 5 Tweaks that work or not (Jailbreak)

    I didn't see this posted anywhere, but I found myself looking for a list of jailbreak tweaks that were ios 5 compatible and came across this, so I thought I'd share. I'm not sure how often it's being updated, but it's really expansive...
  8. ericsinsideout

    iOS 5 and iTunes 10.5 won't sync.

    I've never had so many problems with an update as iOS 5 and iTunes 10.5. Instead of syncing, it just sits there until I take my iPhone 4 off the dock. Then it gets mind-boggling, after I disconnect my phone, iTunes will either finally show the iPhone screen in iTunes or say I need to restore...
  9. ericsinsideout

    Grayed out songs in music app?

    Anyone know why this would happen? I synced my iPhone 4 on iOS 5 yesterday and this song seems it won't play...
  10. ericsinsideout

    AT&T to double monthly cost of iPhone plan?

    has anyone else heard about this? A guy I work with was asking me if I knew about it but I can't find any info on an across the board price increase. I want to tell my friend at work that it's nothing, but I can't really confirm one way or the other.
  11. ericsinsideout

    WiFi not connecting

    So it seems my iPhone 4 won't connect automatically to my home network. I can manually connect, but soon after my phone gets kicked of the wifi. I'm pretty sure it's not the router because my laptop never gets the boot. Someone please help.
  12. ericsinsideout

    what happened to my emoji?

    so it seems as though my keyboards on my iPhone 4 have decided to reset themselves so all I have left is the default keyboard. the problem I'm having now is I can't re-enable my emoji. anyone else have this problem? it really was out of the blue... :confused::confused::confused:
  13. ericsinsideout

    I think I goofed... help...

    so I updated today to 4.1 and rejailbroke my phone. I started tinkering around in iFile and cleaned up some old themes and stuff I didn't use anymore that aptbackup restored for me and I think along the way I deleted something important. at the moment all I see is the boot screen. I've tried...
  14. ericsinsideout

    Free Case on it's way!

    So I don't know how I missed this, but I was just clearing out some junk in my inbox and came across an email from Apple letting me know that my Griffin "Reveal Etch" shipped on Friday. The only downside is it looks like someone is delivering it on foot from Mira Loma, CA (souther California)...
  15. ericsinsideout

    Proswitcher and backgrounder...

    I am having problems with Proswitcher and backgrounder. Both keep crashing my springboard. I am running IOS 4. Anyone have a solution?
  16. ericsinsideout

    not to pleased with

    I hate to say it cause I was so looking forward to this, especially since it's over the air, but I'm disappointed with the iPhone 4 jailbreak. Here's why, I go to the site and swipe to Jailbreak. It starts the download most times (probably 20+ out of 25) with out problem, after that, the...
  17. ericsinsideout

    iTunes saying "error -9812"

    so I'm hoping I didn't just brick this thing... I tried to restore my old 3G to 3.1.3 and rejailbreak to pass on to my girlfriend and as soon as I finished the restore it crapped out on me, or so to speak. here's the symptoms: -show "connect to iTunes" screen -says "no service" even though...
  18. ericsinsideout

    giving my 3G to my girlfriend

    so I guess my question is how do I set up my jailbroken 3G for my girlfriend. I want to give her a fresh start with it, but I don't want to restore and end up with 4.0 or unJB the phone. any suggestions?
  19. ericsinsideout

    Wipeout, best show ever? I think so!

    Anyone else been watching this show? It's a lot like the show that used to be on FX "MXC", but it's not a redubbed, 1990's show from Japan. All I know is everytime I watch I, I want to try and get on it to see if I can make it! Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  20. ericsinsideout

    I have amazing news! (for me)

    It's been about 48 hours since my iP 3G fell into a cup of water. since I got home that night, it's been sitting in a bag of rice trying to dry out... well, for the moment... IT'S ALIVE! keep your fingers crossed that it stays this way until my iPhone 4 comes in.