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  1. Arcangel2176

    interesting article from technobuffalo I found it pretty accurate what do y'all think?
  2. Arcangel2176

    My hypothesis Adding this to all the other posts and stuff I have in the other thread especially with the part of this article that says iPhone4 16 and 32 are being discontinued. I have this hypothesis. Apple N94 is the...
  3. Arcangel2176

    PROOF! iPhone 5 bigger screen! HELLO THERE! I come bearing GIFTS!:)
  4. Arcangel2176

    Android users secretly want iPhone 5

    So the past few weeks on all my Android forums I have made it known that I'm done with the bugginess of Android and the constant beta that its in. On these forums I get the usual fanboy crap but in my PMs so many agree with me and are all wanting to switch back. I find it not only funny but...
  5. Arcangel2176

    Atrix making it hard to wait!

    Man this october BS is killing me this Atrix, is making it almost impossible to wait till then. Its virtually unusable. It reboots on its own almost daily , undownloads apps on its own, freezes up all the time and force closes apps constantly. So what do you guys suggest? Should I tough it out ?
  6. Arcangel2176

    Early October launch all but confirmed! Here you go especially with the update on the bottom. Seems like oct 7 th it is
  7. Arcangel2176

    How many cores?

    So does anyone think iPhone 5 will be a dual core? Or will it just be a revised A5 chip until the A6 comes 2nd quarter 2012
  8. Arcangel2176

    iPhone 5 event Sept 7th! here ya go kids!
  9. Arcangel2176

    Rate this!

    Ok after iOS where would you guys and gals place WM7 and Android ? Also how far behind and what are the reasons you put them in that order?
  10. Arcangel2176

    Question about unlocked?

    So if I was to buy a Nexus S and use it on AT&T being that it doesn't support the 3G radios and isn't an AT&T phone would I then be able to drop my data plan?
  11. Arcangel2176

    What's up with the demo phones?

    So what is up with all the fake phones and or demo phones in cell stores that either play some lame demo video or are completely unusable. How is one supposed to experience a phone if there all unusable ?
  12. Arcangel2176

    Motorla Olympus iPhone killer?

    I know that this phrase " iPhone killer" is always thrown about but if you look at the specs of this phone it could definitely be that. What do you guys think?
  13. Arcangel2176

    Biggest feature Android has over iOS

    The widgets! I mean the first page with the clock and weather and the tweet updates etc makes it much easier than having to go into each app. Why does Apple refuse such implementation? Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  14. Arcangel2176

    Why jailbreak after 4.0 ?

    So I have had every iPhone since the original and I always wanted to jailbreak just never got around to it. So here is my question with everything the iPhone after 4.0 does what's the point in jailbreaking? Is there more that a jailbroken 4.0 can do? I know there are little things like open...
  15. Arcangel2176

    Why use Google sync?

    Why would anyone want to use google sync when your limited to the information it will sync? a good deal of my contacts are "Fleshed Out" and have of that flesh wouldn't sync with google! So why?
  16. Arcangel2176

    Swedish iPhone MMS app?

    So i read last week that the swedes are making an iPhone app thats universal and now I cant find the article on engagdget or boy genius anymore. anyone else hear this?
  17. Arcangel2176

    resize image?

    [/IMG]Can anyone resize this image for an iPhone wallpaper?