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    Programs for iPhone

    there better be programs because kust having a closed device like that would be pretty boring
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    iPhones and the internet

    or just take the security off i don't have security on mine so i guess my neighborhood gets free wi fi from my house
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    iPhone camera interface

    yah it does sound like it would be hard to take a picture while zooming what if it doesn't have zoom it better though
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    MP3s as Ringtones: Does it really matter?

    i hope you can use mp3s as ringtones because the ringtone on the iPhone we have heard is pretty sucky
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    Early Launch. Apple orders parts.

    yes! i hope it comes earlier than june
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    Vibrating alert?

    i hope it does and im not sure though because it says that the button on the side only switches it from ring to silent
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    Will iPhone have voice recognition?

    i think voice recognition is important because it makes things a lot easier and i don't see why not considering the iPhone already has lots of features
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    Battery only 5 hours?

    i think 5 hours is fine considering most phones don't even smart or not don't last that long
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    Bright future for iPhone: SanDisk's 32GB flash drive?

    does anyone know for sure whether you can expand iPhone memory or not?
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    Quick Question About the Keypad

    i really hope it does switch to landscape mode because it looks like it would be hard to type on the little portrait one