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    Can anyone introduce some new games to me..?

    Beast Quest - It doesn't exactly have the swipe based combat, but the combat may still be similar to Infinity blade in other respects. Again, this game may be somewhat pay2win.
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    I'm looking for a movie "watch list" app that can ...

    IShows TV or TV forecast for TV shows. IShows movies for movies list. Great apps once you pay for pro versions
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    Reputable Call Recording Apps

    There is nothing automatic or as easy to use as ACR on Android is. iOS is so lacking in choices that I use an app called Just Press Record, but I use it on a second phone or on my watch when I need to record my client calls (with permission, for all you privacy-minded people) and just record...
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    iPhone X Which new iPhone are you going to get?

    I bought the iphone xr and I highly recommend it. The screen resolution isn't that bad and only hard core display users or users who never tried an iphone xr complained about it.
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    Question? Any old time regulars still come around?

    I'm not old time regulars but I still check in from time to time. This place still holds my heart
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    App with “special fonts.”

    Also, try Camorify app
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    App with “special fonts.”

    Use pic say pro, you won't regret it. The app is less than 5 mb with functionalities that apps > 30mb possess or maybe miss out. Try it once, use it forever. There's a free version but using the pro is better always.
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    Has anyone thought of leaving IPhones?

    I moved from android and love the improved eco system. It is definitely restricted but carefully curated. I don’t find any restrictions with my experience, but maybe that’s because I didn’t embrace the full android experience, for example, Tasker, etc. I am also having a nice time with iOS...
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    Song of the Day

    Everything in its right place - Radiohead
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    Post Your Last Purchase

    Just received A Glance planners that I get from Erin Condren. I get the monthly/weekly ones, so they have a monthly calendar and then a weekly spread where there is more space to write out tasks/assignments I get the regular...
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    iPad case with keyboard

    I'm very satisfied with my JETech case. Fits well & the magnet does it's job to wake up the iPad Pro. I had the Apple Smart Cover at first & holding out thinking Apple would offer a back or a case. Returned the Smart Cover once I received the the JETech. For $13 it's worth it & not cheap...