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  1. Tinman

    Quasar for iPad: Amazing!

    Well with the newly released jb today I finally had a chance to try Quasar. In a word it is, amazing. In my opinion it is worth the $10 just for its backgrounding ability. Couple of examples... I can let Cydia spend its 2-10 minutes loading data and can't leave the app or it will start...
  2. Tinman

    Great iPad 2/3 case for $10, delivered.

    Just ordered this after reading a review on another site. Seemed like a no-brainer for $10, delivered. The magnets work on the iPad 3, and it has many nice features. Check it out! Where I heard about it...
  3. Tinman

    FINALLY.... iPhone retina apps display at full resolution on iPad 3

    Try running Google+. When you 2x to zoom it you will get the full retina version of the app. On iPads 1 and 2 it would simply pixel-double the 320x480 version. When you tap 1x to go back to the smaller version you get the non-retina view of the iPhone app. Did a quick look around and didn't...
  4. Tinman

    4S the most successfully launched iPhone yet Michael
  5. Tinman

    Anyway to suppress threads from from New Threads view?

    I usually come here and quickly browse new threads via "What's New." However there are indeed threads in which I have no interest. It would be awesome if I could flag them so never see them in the new threads list. Ahhhh to never see those "What are you doing" threads ever again. :) Michael
  6. Tinman

    Sick of Mac apps and docs listing keyboard shortcuts with symbols that NO LONGER EXIST

    Wanted this is in Mac section but it really applies to every Apple keyboard I own, which is four of them. So off-topic it goes. I am a fairly recent convert to Mac OS. The ONLY symbol that is on any of my Apple keyboards is the Apple symbol on the Command key. Yet most times whether in help...
  7. Tinman

    iOS 4.3 brings back rotation lock switch as user configurable option! Imagine that! :) Michael
  8. Tinman

    Does anyone know which second their iPhone was made?

    OK I realize many are really into which week their iPhone was made. But a week is a long time. I was hoping for more granularity. So I have calculated the second my iPhone was made at 15,134,864. My friend who bought his the same place and time as mine is second 15,134,645. I feel mine is...
  9. Tinman

    Inspell Spellchecker -- Great App

    I splurged and spent the $3 for Inspell, and so far am happy with it. In fact I can't believe I've had an iPhone for so long now, without a true spell-checker. Yes, the iPhone's built-in auto-correct works well, that is true. But I can't count the number of times I've been replying to an...
  10. Tinman

    Taco Bell Dog Dies From Lethal Mix of Heroin, Speed, and Chocolate

    The Chihuahua who starred in a series of Taco Bell commercials and made famous the phrase "¡Yo quiero Taco Bell!" has passed on. Ed McMahon, Farrah, Jacko, Billy Mays... and now this? What a shame. RIP. Alas, like many in the businesss, Hollywood took its toll on the little guy: -- Mike
  11. Tinman

    Consistent Battery Test

    There are so many variables with iPhone usage, even when the same kind of usage is repeated, that it boggles the mind. Even something as simple as the phone's cellular signal can affect battery life from one day to the next. So the anecdotal reports of battery life are really tough to apply to...
  12. Tinman

    Finally used original iPhone credit... for 3GS

    Well after nearly two years I finally used that gift card credit that Apple gave to us early adopters ($100.00). So that made my 3GS only a hundred bucks. Felt good to finally use that certificate, albeit late. ;) As I don't live in a 3G area the iPhone 3G was just not enough for me to...
  13. Tinman

    Wanna play Travian? New server starting NOW! Plays great on iPhone. Very addictive.

    Travian is a browser-based MMOG, or "massively multiplayer online game." It plays very well on the iPhone. The game draws roughly from classical antiquity and particularly from the Roman Empire to create a predominantly militaristic real-time strategy. The game is 100% free to play. But you can...
  14. Tinman

    This is the most radical Bluetooth device EVER. "Jim Mielke's wireless blood-fueled display is a true merging of technology and body art. At the recent Greener Gadgets Design Competition, the engineer demonstrated a subcutaneously implanted touch-screen that operates as a cell phone display, with...
  15. Tinman

    Touchpad: Turns your iPhone into a wireless trackpad/keyboard! Add as an Installer source. For those, like me, who don't wanna wait for Installer to refresh you can download and install it manually from here: I use it with a laptop...
  16. Tinman

    Firmware 1.1.4 might be out with SDK...

    'Claiming that it is “working with Apple and with their SDK (software development kit) for the next firmware release and SDK applications,” a company called “Tiny Code” has pulled it’s repository of unofficial third-party iPhone software “for legality reasons” and says “you should see us soon on...
  17. Tinman

    More GSM interference since 1.1.3?

    OK, someone please tell me it's not just me. But since I updated to 1.1.3 my iPhone interferes with nearby speakers, and other devices such as TVs, much more than it did before 1.1.3. And for the record it does this even when it is not jailbroken. I've had the same PC speakers since I've had my...
  18. Tinman

    Rumor: Flash coming to iPhone soon.

    "We’ve been waiting for Flash support to hit the iPhone ever launched. We’ve had to make do without Flash for almost eight months, and YouTube even had to convert a bunch of their catalog to H.264 in order for the service to be enjoyed on the iPhone. Well, we’ve just got word...
  19. Tinman

    How to easily jailbreak 1.1.3 with the FULL jailbreak (Windows/Mac)

    How to easily jailbreak 1.1.3 with the FULL jailbreak (Windows) A simple how-to (Windows): Update (02/11/2007 6:01 PM MST): Mac stuff removed from guide. Update (02/13/2007 9:51 AM MST): GUI version is out, much easier! Update (02/13/2007 12:45 PM MST): ZiPhone 2.0 now out! Guide updated...
  20. Tinman

    Full 1.1.3 jailbreak released!

    As predicted the full 1.1.3 jailbreak has been released. No more downgrading to 1.1.1 and then clawing your way back to a kludged 1.1.3. This jailbreak can jailbreak and activate bootloader 3.9 iPhones, and it can jailbreak, activate, and unlock bootloader iPhones. Bootloader 3.9 came with...