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  1. wrhutch

    Forum Jungle?

    This place is starting to remind me of a jungle. Please add any animals you think apply. Remember this is all in fun. :smile: There are: Lions: Who think they are in charge and live to bully others. Toucans: Who love to strut and show off their colors. Ostriches: Who seem oblivious and lost...
  2. wrhutch

    Has Apple ever recalled anything?

    Just curious if Apple has ever recalled any of it's products.
  3. wrhutch

    EIC Age Groups

    What age range do you fall into?
  4. wrhutch

    Happy with 1.1.1 but......

    I'm happy with the features that we got but disappointed in what we didn't get. What are your thoughts?
  5. wrhutch

    Forum and tempers

    Is it just me or does there seem to be more tension here of recent? This Forum has been a wealth of informaton for me. But there always seems to be someone who is flamming someone else. *why can't be be ifriends, why can't we be ifriends* keeps playing in my head. lol :laugh2: Anyone else feel...
  6. wrhutch

    How many have not modded or unlocked your iPhone?

    Just curious how many have not unlocked or modded your iPhone in any way.
  7. wrhutch

    New iTunes 7.4.2

    Just checked software update on my Mac and iTunes 7.4.2 is now available for download. If you have problems downloading through iTunes, you can download direct from