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  1. llrickman

    Last day to buy Apple Care+ if you pre-ordered for 9/19 delivery

    Just a reminder for those that preordered and got their phones on 9-19 today is the last day you can get Apple care or Square Trade if you want it I went with ST just because i didn't have the extra 200 bucks for mine and my wifes phones and the coverage looks just as good
  2. llrickman

    MacBook Late 08 MacBook slowing

    I have a late 08 Macbook that seems to be freezing/slowing down a little more than before. Are there any programs out there that work well to clean up and make it work a little better? I have 4gb ram . 1TB hard drive that's been in for at least two years It still works well but i don't...
  3. llrickman

    MacBook Handbrake crashing when loading DVD

    Im not sure where to post this so i'll start here. Im having trouble with handbrake. It crashes everytime i try to load a dvd to it. I have a late 08 alum macbook and and using Handbrake 9.5 the new is is 64 bit and my machine is a 32. Anyway anyone know what could be causing this or am i...
  4. llrickman

    iPads $100 off at AT&T

    I don't know if this has been posted yet, i didn't see it but i picked up (to be delivered in 14 days) a iPad mini 16GB wifi + Cellular at AT&T today for $359 regularly $459 It does require a 2 year contract . I did have to lose my unlimited internet that i treasured for so long but looking...
  5. llrickman

    MacBook Replacing HD late 08 MacBook

    I picked up a 1 TB hard drive for my MacBook I have everything backed up to Time Machine and have Mountain lion on a thumb drive when I replace the hard drive is there anything special I have to do to it It is a Seagate 1 TB 2 1/2 inch hard drive This MacBook has removable back where I can...
  6. llrickman

    Mountain Lion Bootable USB Drive

    Can someone post the steps to creating a USB bootable disk for Mountain Lion. I made one for the last OS X but i don't remember how i did it Thanks Im going to purchase a 1TB HD for my mac. My 250gb is full so it would be greatly appreciated
  7. llrickman

    iTunes says songs did not sync?

    Ok i just synced my phone. Updated my apps and during the sync it said xxxx wasn't synced because it could not be found. was 100 songs. I look through iTunes and cant find them yet they are all still on my Phone wth? I have never had something like this happen before any clues?
  8. llrickman

    1 Year later

    It sure doesn't seem like its been a year since Steve Jobs passed away. How do you guys think Apple has done since? Im sure he had a lot of input on this new phone. Im interested to see where they will go from here
  9. llrickman


    Can someone help me with this. It doesn't do anything but take me to the app store and show me apps for passbook i have a few already and nothing what am i doing wrong
  10. llrickman

    Still no iPhone 5

    My wifes was delivered at 9:30 this morning. I told the driver there are 2 packages so he looks on the truck again tells me it isn't there . I waited till 3pm then called UPS they are now trying to locate it. So i guess my iP 5 has been lost :(
  11. llrickman

    MacBook MacKeeper

    I was wondering if anyone had used this and what they thought of it. Ive seen mixed reviews Thanks
  12. llrickman

    $20 Family Messaging

    I have a friend that works at a att call center that told me starting yesterday AT&T will do unlimited family messaging for 20 buck so I called AT&T yesterday told them i wanted to save money on my account and asked what they could do. 1st thing i was told was they would give me a one time...
  13. llrickman

    Any plans for an Everythingicafe app?

    Chris, are their any plans for a EIC app for the ipad? or just gonna use safari to access it? Thanks
  14. llrickman

    Today is the Day

    Just checked my conf # and my new iPhone 4 is on the Fed Ex truck out for delivery. My niece got her last night and i was playing around with hers. I tell ya im impressed with that screen it looks awesome. One question my 3gs is jailbroken. Im going to sell it on Ebay. Should i restore before i...
  15. llrickman

    iPod touch charging iTunes issues

    My nieces iPod Touch will not charge or connect to her iTunes or charge on the wall charger but will charge through her iHome thingy Any ideas on what i can tell her to check im not familiar with the Touch i just have an old nano Thanks Larry
  16. llrickman

    JB Question before getting iPhone 4

    Hi I have an 16gb iPhone 3gs i am running iTunes 9.1.1 11 on my macbook My iPhone has ver 3.1.3 I want to JB this phone before i get the iPhone 4 (which will be a few weeks) to sell it I have never JB a iPhone before and i am in need of some direction. Do i upgrade to 9.2? Or iOS4? do i keep...
  17. llrickman

    Lawsuits filed against AT&T and Apple MMS seems to be late summer to me lol
  18. llrickman

    MacBook Pro Hmmmm pro?

    was checking out the specs of the "new" 13'' macbook pro and other than a tad faster processor it seems to be damn near the exact same as my Alum body macbook i bought the day before Xmas
  19. llrickman

    MM web publishing

    Ok so here is my question. Say i make a website on iweb09. I then publish it to mobile me . my website name is now"mmname"/"websitename"/Home.html Can i buy a domain name on say go daddy so i have a name such as www."mywebsite".com than have MM host my domain so i can...
  20. llrickman

    MacBook External HD Reviews

    I know i have posted on this subject repeatedly but i am now ready to buy my ex. HD this weekend. I have been reading some reviews and just don't know what to get. I know several people here have used the WD My Book essential but the reviews i have read are pretty bad it seems people either...