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  1. Kadelic

    iPhone 6s Still Rockin My 6s

    There was a time where I felt compelled to upgrade my iPhone often. If not every year, at least every other. I started with the 3G, then the 4, 4s, skipped the 5, got the 5s, skipped the 6, got the 6s. And here I am, still. I was tempted to go to the Plus size when introduced with the 7 but...
  2. Kadelic

    A Chance To Own A Piece Of History

    I still have an old 3GS. It sleeps in its box somewhere in my closet. Over the years I have occasionally charged it up and marveled at how...old it is. It was my first iPhone and has some sentimental value. If you missed out on the glory of Apple's 2nd iPhone, you apparently have a chance to...
  3. Kadelic

    AT&T Mobility Class Action Settlement

    Some of you might remember this thread from 2010. Well, a couple days ago I received a check in the mail for $24 and change as my share of the settlement in that case. Anyone else get a check from AT&T Mobility? There is more information here.
  4. Kadelic

    Two Ways To Access Spotlight Search?

    I don't understand why we need two methods to access the Spotlight Search feature. There's the old way from iOS 8 by pulling down on the home screen, and the newly added way of swiping from the left on the first home screen. I get that the new Siri Suggestions toggle adds "Siri App...
  5. Kadelic

    Safari in iOS 9 Clears Cookies And Website Data When Clearing History

    I noticed something odd while using Safari in iOS 9 today that hasn't been an issue in previous versions of iOS. I cleared my browsing history and had to log back into a couple of websites that I frequent, including this forum. The passwords were still saved in Keychain, but I still had to log...
  6. Kadelic

    Hacker Customizes His Apple Watch Face

    "A hacker on Twitter seems to have figured out the watch face on his Apple Watch, and has done some tweaking. The video shows watch faces that are a bit livelier than the default Apple ones. He has also provided a link to his source code, so you too can do some customizing." Story and video...
  7. Kadelic

    Mac mini Fusion Drive Worth It In Mac Mini?

    I'm looking at getting a Mac Mini in the next week. For the past few years I've been using my 15" MBP almost exclusively as a desktop in the docked clamshell set up. The only times I use it as a laptop are when I go on a trip or spend more than a day or two away from home. I'd use it a lot...
  8. Kadelic

    What Did You Get For Christmas?

    Post a pic of your Christmas loot! I got these nifty slippers.
  9. Kadelic

    More And More, People Are Switching From Android To iPhone

    Though there has been plenty of debate in this forum about the pros and cons of the different platforms, this trend is probably not much of a surprise to many of the members here. I know we've had dedicated iPhone users defect to Android only to come back. Sometimes it only takes weeks...
  10. Kadelic

    Folders Within Folders For iOS 7

    I just tried this trick and had success after about ten tries. Timing is critical! I'm not sure how useful this will be for most people, but I did have some folders in folders with Folder Enhancer while jailbroken on iOS 6. I haven tried to out a folder in a folder in a folder yet. Here's a...
  11. Kadelic

    Recommend A Blood Pressure Tracking App

    I just ordered an automatic digital blood pressure monitor to track my blood pressure at home. For various reasons I decided against one of the integrated iOS models, but I want to use an app to keep track of my results. I've seen several in the App Store and am looking for personal...
  12. Kadelic

    What's Your Dream Band?

    This is a spinoff of my post in the Let's ask a question to the next person thread. I thought it would be fun to hear everyone's Dream Band instead of just the first person to answer my question in that thread. So you're putting together a dream band. You get to pick the drummer, bass...
  13. Kadelic

    Goodbye Jailbreak, I'll Mostly Miss You

    Well I broke down and restored my 4S as new this morning. I'd been having some stability issues but was clinging to my jailbreak for dear life despite the mounting headaches. I was was still on 5.0.1 and enjoying a very dialed in experience when trouble started creeping in a couple months ago...
  14. Kadelic

    Permission Error

    Is anyone else gettin this when launching the eiC app? I've been getting it the past couple days. I've tried deleting and reinstalling the app but the problem persists. I will note that I have enjoyed using the new mobile template, but I still prefer the app for general forum browsing.
  15. Kadelic

    Put Newsstand Icon In A Folder

    Just saw this on Twitter, no indication of when it will be released but I know many people would appreciate this functionality. This is the same guy that developed the Springtomize jailbreak tweaks that I've found very useful. Filippo Bigarella ‏@FilippoBiga StifleStand: put the Newsstand...
  16. Kadelic

    Weekly Photo Contest June 11th - 17th

    It was a non contest last week as I won by default for being the only entry. This week there is no excuse for not participating because the theme involves something everybody does multiple times a day. That's right folks, this weeks theme is FOOD! At some point this week, either before or...
  17. Kadelic

    Weekly Photo Contest: May 21 - May 27 Poetry In Motion

    Obviously a still photograph is just that, still. It is possible, however, for a still photo to capture the essense of motion either of its subject or of the photographer his or herself. Your task this week, should you choose to accept it, is to submit a photo that artistically conveys a sense...
  18. Kadelic

    100 Reasons To Jailbreak (New Video)

    Saw this on twitter last night and haven't seen it posted here yet. I goes by pretty fast but I've been able to identify most of the tweaks/jb apps. YouTube Video: EDIT: Here's a link to the original site that actually lists the tweaks.
  19. Kadelic

    How To Best Help Mom With MacBook

    I got my first Mac, a MacBook Pro, last December and I absolutely love it. My mom doesn't own a computer at all and is somewhat "tech challenged" let's just say. My sister has talked about giving her their old Dell/Vista laptop when she and her husband upgrade here pretty soon. The problem...
  20. Kadelic

    MacBook Pro Confused About Buying AppleCare from

    I bought my 15" MBP at the end of November last year with the intention of getting the extended AppleCare warranty for it before the original warranty expires. I've seen a lot of folks on eiC recommend purchasing AppleCare from Amazon at a discount rate but I'm a little confused about how it...