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  1. kisstine

    Brief survey for Stats project

    My daughter is a freshman at Loyola Marymount University and is conducting a survey for her Statistics class. It is VERY brief - will take less than two minutes. So if you have any bonus time in your day at all, please consider spending a moment of it supporting the education of a young mind...
  2. kisstine


    Does anyone know how/why Nike+ randomly appeared on my phone this afternoon? I haven't been connected to the computer or iTunes at all. Didn't update anything in the app store. And it's not deletable. I don't have a Nike+, use runkeeper when I run (thanks, Rick!) and have no use for it. Even if...
  3. kisstine

    Normal signal behavior?

    I'm wondering if someone who understands how things work better than I do can explain to me, in a way I can comprehend, how cell signal strength works and what normal reception in a single location should be like. It makes sense to me that my reception varies depending on where I am and that it...
  4. kisstine

    camera problem?

    Forgive me if this has been covered somewhere; I tried searching, but came up with nothing. I am having a strange problem with my camera roll. When I take a picture, it shows up in my camera roll, but then if I try to share it or delete it I get a message that says "saving photo" along with the...
  5. kisstine

    Search forums in eiC app

    Is it possible to search for a topic to see if a question has already been addressed? Am I missing it somewhere? Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  6. kisstine

    Removing custom header?

    I just activated (maybe?) my new iPhone 4. Used a back-up from my 3gs and my custom header showed up on the new phone. I seem to remember that this was a change that I was only able to make because of being jailbroken, so I think I need to get it off of the new phone before I end up needing...
  7. kisstine


    Anyone here work out with a TRX? Do you love it? Are you using it as much as you expected to? I've been completely slacking on strength training in favor of just running, so I could use something that would get me excited about working out again. Any thoughts?
  8. kisstine

    A little help?

    I'm using the EiC app to browse the forums, but struggling to adjust to the interface. It seems like either I'm not finding everything or things have changed during my hiatus, maybe both. Is there still an iPhone mods thread? If so, can someone tell me how to navigate to it? I can find my...
  9. kisstine

    fun with english

    Shopping for a new case for my 3G. Started following random links that popped up on EiC. This company, shipping from Hong Kong, has someone doing a real bang up job with their English translations...
  10. kisstine

    Trying to work..

    So, I'm here at school, proctoring a state-mandated standardized test and trying to get a little lesson planning done at the same time. I need some good, teacher-tested essay questions to use with a novel my 8th graders are reading. Unfortunately for me, every single site that looks like it...
  11. kisstine


    Tend to be obsessive or overly competitive or both? My kids' school is in the running for a local TV station's game of the week which means I have the opportunity to see my cute lil' cheerleader daughter and my trumpet-playing son on television for about five seconds. If you feel like clicking a...
  12. kisstine

    Happy Birthday OJ

    I hope you have a great day! Happy Birthday!:smile: -Christine
  13. kisstine

    Happy 21st Bday SikShift

    Have a blast.. but try not to be totally stupid. Seriously, you'll thank me tomorrow. ;)
  14. kisstine

    Stranded on an island...

    If you were stranded on an island with five people from EIC, who would you choose and what skill would each bring that would contribute to the survival of the group?
  15. kisstine

    User names...

    What's the story/reason behind yours?
  16. kisstine

    Airplane mode error

    So, I seem to be some sort of magnet for quirky iPhone problems. On Friday, the Apple store exchanged the 3G I got on iDay2 due to a faulty Bluetooth radio. Today, the two-day old phone started randomly popping up a message about the device I was connecting to not being for iPhones and asking if...
  17. kisstine

    3G Gmail IMAP issues?

    Okay, I've tried for nearly a full day to fix this myself because I am stubborn and don't like to admit that I need help. I've searched and no one else seems to be having a problem. I've tried everything I can think of (including restoring the phone to factory settings without using any backup...
  18. kisstine

    iPhone millionaire

    Okay, this is my first attempt at attaching a picture here. Someone just sent me this and I thought it was pretty amusing... So, clearly, I need some guidance regarding how to do this right... help?