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  1. Micky!

    Have you jb your iPhone but returned back to the walled garden?

    Just putting this question out there to see how many of you have tried JB, but found it was too much of a headache, and returned back to the walled garden.? I have recently JB my iPhone 4 4.3.2, and ****ed up somewhere along the line, and had to restore, it put me off JB, but tried again, and...
  2. Micky!

    My iPhonefixed white iPhone 4 conversion parts have arrived!

    As promised, I did say that I would let you guys know when I finally got my white conversion parts from UK company, Parts received.. White front complete White back complete White Home Button White Headphone Jack I also have a white dock connector sourced elsewhere which is...
  3. Micky!

    Starting to crack under the strain of waiting for the iPhone 4 in white

    I don't know about you lot, but I really am starting to crack under the pressure of waiting for the White iPhone 4 to show its beautiful head. I know many of you have opted to go for the black iPhone 4 because of the long wait, and I thought I would be diehard, and wait it out, but having had...
  4. Micky!

    Friend buying my iPhone 4 in UK, shipping to me in Finland - Activating Question

    Hi Guys, As the title suggests, a good friend of mine is going to pick me up a white iPhone 32GB in August, and ship it to Finland to me, and I was wondering if I will run into any issues when I connect it up to my MacBook, and iTunes? I have just tried to set up an iTunes account for the...
  5. Micky!

    Insert SIM Without Pin Lock?

    I noticed on the iPhone 4 when first switched on without a sim card fitted, it prompts you to insert a sim card without sim lock/pin. All my sims have this, so how would I remove my sim lock.? On another device?
  6. Micky!

    Hello all, I'm new here, be gentle with me

    Hi everyone, Im Micky, Mickyfin on twitter, Im a Nokia enthusiast, and yes, Im getting an iPhone 4 in white in August. I notice a few familiar faces on here, and hope you all will welcome me to the forums. I recently switched to the MacBook Pro too from using Windows for a couple of decades.