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  1. RyansTitan05

    MacBook Pro MacBook Pro release

    Anyone know when the estimated released of the newest MacBook Pro will be? I’m in the market for. New computer and don’t wanna buy something now and they release one soon! Thanks
  2. RyansTitan05

    Facebook messenger won't download

    Help.. Facebook messenger won't load! It's like it's frozen! Tried to delete, won't let me! Hard reset, nothing. Tried going into the App Store to download won't do anything! What do I do to fix it? It's stuck in the "waiting" mode! All other apps are updated!
  3. RyansTitan05

    iPhone 7 iPhone 6s Plus vs iPhone 7 plus

    Can anyone confirm they are the same size? I'm about to order a case and needed to know! Thanks.
  4. RyansTitan05

    iPhone 6s How's the iPhone 6S battery holding up?

    For me... It seems horrible! When I got my phone I ran it down till it died! Then gave it a full charge! It seems like every time I pick it up from it being "asleep" it lost 3 percent of the battery! If I use it for 2 seconds for a text it drops 1 percent! Anyone else having issues?
  5. RyansTitan05

    iPhone 6s Trouble with Touch ID on iPhone 6S?

    Anyone having issues with the thumbprint Id? Yesterday it was amazingly fast! Worked great! Woke up this morning and it won't even unlock my phone. I deleted all my finger prints and put them back in. It worked great! I come back to my phone a few minutes later and again it won't unlock my...
  6. RyansTitan05

    MacBook Pro Mac vs other computers

    Guys... I'm wanting a new computer... I actually wanna get a Asus Rog series for gaming! But I don't wanna spend a ton! The Asus Rog is $1350 for the one I want.. Can anyone tell me why I should buy a Mac? I currently have a 21 inch iMac that's starting to run slow! I'm lack a ton of...
  7. RyansTitan05

    Power button location

    Just curious what you all think now that you have had a few hours to play with your new iphone 6 or iPhone 6 plus... For me the locations absolutely perfect.. Been weird getting used to it but the more and more I use it the more and more I love the location of it... What are your thoughts?
  8. RyansTitan05

    iPhone 6 Plus, it's really big

    So I finally held an iPhone 6 Plus in my hand and saying its big is a understatement. I just don't think I can do it. Just curious who is switching?
  9. RyansTitan05

    When do the 2014 new iPads release?

    When do the new iPads release? I can't remember... Thanks!
  10. RyansTitan05

    Will the Apple Store have iPhone 6 Plus in stock on launch day?

    Anyone know if the apple stores will have any available the day of launch? Best buy screwed me over and for the first time in 5 years get it pre ordered in time. I haven't missed a launch day in 5 years!!!!
  11. RyansTitan05

    One thing iPhone 6 is missing

    I don't know about you guys... But it has always drove me nuts... The iPhone 6 plus got it but not the iPhone 6.. Why can the phone not display the persons picture in the text screen? I've never under stood that and always always wanted it... It doesn't seem that hard to do.. I will more...
  12. RyansTitan05

    Help with locked phone

    Hey guys I've got a question... I found a phone and was not able to locate the owner... So I now have a phone that is locked, unactivated, and locked to a iTunes account. I've tried to do a hard reset but it's still locked to an account. Can anyone tell me how to unlock the phone from an...
  13. RyansTitan05

    Can someone explain AT&T Next program?

    Anyone used this? Can some one explain it to me? The lady at att confused me!
  14. RyansTitan05

    Facebook auto play video

    Anyone know how to turn this off to save data usage?
  15. RyansTitan05

    iMac Can iMac be upgraded?

    Simple question can you upgrade the hardware to improve performance? I have a 2010 24 inch iMac that I would like to keep but improve performance! I'm sure it's a little outdated! Any input?
  16. RyansTitan05

    iPhone 5s iSight camera

    I have a video camera question. So I made a slo mo video! Worked great! However I went to send it to someone via text and it sent the full speed video! Any ideas? Thanks Sent using iCafe app
  17. RyansTitan05

    iPhone 5s and iOS 7

    Is anyone having issues with there apps not showing up on your screen? When I saw I'm missing an app, I went to download it! Instead of it letting me download it, it says open! I open it and it opens right up like it's on my phone! Please help? Thanks Sent using iCafe app
  18. RyansTitan05

    How many iPhones will Apple Store on launch day?

    Hey guys, as most of us will be camping out for the release of this phone. Does anyone know how many phones each store will get? This will determine how early I get there! Thanks Sent using iCafe app
  19. RyansTitan05

    Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone5/5S

    Guys please tell me why I should not switch to Samsung? I'm seriously about ready to jump ship! Please conscience me why I shouldn't! Sent using iCafe app
  20. RyansTitan05

    MacBook Pro Which MacBook should I get?

    I currently have a 24 Inch iMac (2008 model) that I'm looking to sell! Wanting to switch to a laptop! My main use for the computer is online browsing and some gaming not much! Every once in a while ill do some photo editing, video editing! I will store a lot of photos on the computer! Those...