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  1. Montalicious

    iPhone updates not going to be often due to Macworld release.

    The next update will be in February, when the iPhone SDK is released, and iTunes will be updated to iTunes 8 i bet also... giving it support for apps in the store.
  2. Montalicious

    Just got an iPhone, does anyone have any referrals?

    I'd like 25$... refer me! email is
  3. Montalicious

    SMS Delete

    Yeah Apple included it in their "Finger Tips" video on their website at iPhones launch.
  4. Montalicious

    Renting my first movie on iTunes

    I've never been charged tax.
  5. Montalicious

    Meeting others with iPhone

    I get both lol.
  6. Montalicious

    Best AOL Instant Messanger for iPhone

    Yes, I would. And to the person who said s/he wanted MSN and Yahoo also with AIM, I say that will happen because if Apple does come out with a Native App, they will release "iChat Mobile" and that has everything u could possible want in it.
  7. Montalicious

    people bragging in EIC

    who cares if it's bragging name one day in your life when you haven't "bragged" about either, doing the homework early or getting a nice discount on that vacuum you've been wanting for the past few months.
  8. Montalicious

    Update Help!

    He probably didn't allow it enough time to activate it through iTunes... have him plug it in, restore, update, and then give it enough time to activate.
  9. Montalicious

    thanks everybody

    Nice job guys!
  10. Montalicious

    What's your ringtone?

    Counter Terrorist Unit ringtone from 24, the greatest show ever
  11. Montalicious

    Any ex-Sidekickers here?

    My best friend has had every sidekick since the black and white one. Since then, he has had 12 replacement sidekicks. He switched to a Razr v2 and is glad he did it. I guess this isn't an iPhone story, just a story of how unreliable sidekicks are.
  12. Montalicious

    Looking for the ringer from the TV add

    If you have a mac, do a spotlight search for "cell phone ringing" and it shoudl come up
  13. Montalicious

    I've found a site to help with lyrics (link)

    Also, if you have a Mac you can get the Lyrics widget that automatically puts them into iTunes
  14. Montalicious

    Upgrade my iPhones plan?

    Hey guys, just a quick question. I want to upgrade my iPhones plan to unlimited text messaging. Right now I have 1500 and I push the limit almost every month. Is there any way to do it without calling them. I hate having to give them my whole life over the phone before being able to talk to...
  15. Montalicious

    What is your #1

    SMS is first for me, haha, i have the default iPhone icons as the first page, flip to page 2 and theres all my web clips!
  16. Montalicious

    Is everythingicafe on your home screen?

    yo tengo EiC (i have eic) hah
  17. Montalicious

    I think I made a huge mistake

    I decided to use my prepaid visa card that i had recently used most of and put it on my iTunes account. Well I fuigured since it had limited funds it would just stop me from buying music when it was empty but today I went and checked and noticed it had less than .99$ on it and I'm scaredthat I...
  18. Montalicious

    SMS out of order?

    Ugh, this is extremely annoying. but when I send a SMS message it is added in the right order but then when i receive one it is placed above my last sent message. SO annoying
  19. Montalicious

    How to add lyrics to songs?

    Nvm, i figured out that to get the lyrics to show up, you must tap the album artwork just like if you wanted to adjust the time on the song.
  20. Montalicious

    How to add lyrics to songs?

    Anyone figure out how to get the lyrics to show up on top of the Album Artwork? I've been trying and can't find any setting to enable it. Yes, there are lyrics attached to the songs I am trying to get it to work for