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  1. RossMc

    Switcheasy Canvas

    Anyone got one of these? Just ordered one from in the UK (Not in stock at the minute but ordered for when it's back in) Looks like a good case and seems to be getting good reviews as well.
  2. RossMc

    Image the iPhone drive?

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows of a way to do this properly? I am studying Computer and Digital Forensics at university and for my Digital Investigations lecture work I need to create two tutorials of recovering evidence from a device. I chose to do a tutorial of taking a forensic...
  3. RossMc

    MacBook Pro Speck See through - Aqua

    Just got mine today. Love it so far looks good on the MBP. It is not a new one to fit the 2010 MBP power cable but the cable still connects and charges the MBP just doesn't sit in fully. I bought it like this because I contacted GearZap where I bought it from and they said Speck had not...
  4. RossMc

    iSkin Solo

    Is 14.99 for today for the iPhone 4. Ediit : The promo is till 31st of August not just today.
  5. RossMc

    How to play snake on any Youtube video.

    I just done a video on this. :dft003:coolkid
  6. RossMc

    Paid iPhone game testers

    Anyone else see the article on Macworld about it? I signed up and got accepted and they put money in to your Paypal account for the price of the app and also around £2 for you testing it. I have just received an email...
  7. RossMc

    Haha Google

    Everybody might already know this but Go to Google and type in find chuck norris and press i'm feeling lucky :ok:ok
  8. RossMc

    iPhone 4 vs .50 Cal Sniper Rifle

    Your iPhone is not indestructible. Check out this video of the iPhone 4 vs 50 Cal Sniper Rifle. It doesn't end well.
  9. RossMc

    EA Games 59p for today !

    Tiger Woods PGA Fifa World Cup Trivial Pursuit SimCity Need for Speed Fifa 10 CLUEDO Connect 4 Battleship Madden NFL Surviving High School Command & Conquer Red Alert The Game of Life Yahtzee NBA Live Jewel Quest Dragon's Lair
  10. RossMc

    Redsn0w beta released iOS 4 Jailbreak - iPhone 3G & iPod Touch 2G only

    Update #1: redsn0w beta has been updated to hacktivate iOS 4.0 for iPhone3G (in addition to jailbreaking the iPhone3G and iPod Touch 2G). The download links for redsn0w 0.9.5b5-3 are: Mac OSX (x86) Windows For now, the redsn0w beta release supports only the iPhone3G and iPod Touch 2G at...
  11. RossMc

    iOS 4 Baseband Unlocked - Ultrasn0w Released

    ultrasn0w 0.93 released! Cydia repo is Works with basebands 04.26.08 through 05.13.04 :ok:ok
  12. RossMc


    Anyone use this program? I seen a video of someone I am subscribed to on Youtube talking about it so thought I would give it a try its basically like clean my mac. But the best feature about it is the anti theft. It logs the location of your Mac and if your Mac...
  13. RossMc

    O2 will only sell to existing customers until the end of July

    O2's response to iPhone stock shortage iPhone 4 will only be available for existing O2 customers at launch iPhone stock will be extremely limited in the UK at launch and not everybody who wants one will be able to get one straight away. We want to make sure that our existing customers...
  14. RossMc

    First iPhone 4 Camper Shows up

    Idiot.. Obviously just doing it to get his photo in the papers.
  15. RossMc

    iTunes 9.2 Released - Not Safe For Spirit Jailbreakers

    While we had been under the impression that iTunes 9.2 would be released alongside iOS 4, it appears that Apple has already pushed the update for iTunes to the public, ahead of the scheduled release, June 21st, 2010. iH8sn0w has made a public tweet saying that any "future jailbreakers" using...
  16. RossMc

    Black iPhone 4 Available Only At Launch

    Just seen this on Twitter. The Black version of the iPhone 4 is the only one which will be available at launch I guess the white version will come sometime later.
  17. RossMc

    Can you transfer Apple Care?

    I have Apple care with my iPhone 3GS. When the iPhone 4 comes out can I transfer my Apple care from the 3GS to the iPhone 4? Not sure if I will definitely do it I might just leave it on the 3GS and that might get me a bit more money for it on eBay.
  18. RossMc

    Facebook App problems?

    Anyone else Facebook app on the iPhone randomly like peoples status's etc? Mine started doing it a while ago and someone else I have on my Facebook has it happen to them as well.
  19. RossMc

    App store keeps asking for password

    Not sure why this has started happening but everytime I open the the App store it keeps asking mefor my password for iTunes. Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app