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  1. iBanana

    T-Mobile Dropping International Roaming charges I am an AT&T customer, but being quite a traveler this is really appealing. I wonder if this will prompt change by the other carriers.
  2. iBanana

    Notification Center on iOS 7

    So the other day while at work I pulled down my notification center and I noticed that it said it would take 17 minutes to get home. I thought hmm thanks for the FYI that I am trapped for another 2 hours. Well this morning I pulled it down and it told me that I was 14 minutes from work. My...
  3. iBanana

    Swipe to Delete

    So far I am happy with the update! It was much needed and I am still exploring. The biggest thing that has gotten me is the swipe to the left to delete. You used to have to swipe to the right. It may seem stupid, but after doing it for what 7 years now weve gotta switch. Time to retrain the...
  4. iBanana

    No sound from my iPhone 4

    I have done some googling and I just cant seem to find an answer for this one... Just recently my iPhone 4's sound has stopped working. It rings, but that is all that works. It doesn't make noise when I get a text message, listen to my ipod, spotify, youtube, or netflix. When the headphones...
  5. iBanana

    Stalling when trying to edit/delete apps from springboard

    Its been awhile since Ive started a thread, but this has been driving me nuts... I have an iPhone 4 on 4.2.1 (not jailbroken) and whenever I hold down an app to edit or move an app it takes unusually long to start shaking. Once I'm done doing what Ive gotta do and I hit the home button I get...
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    yesterday i was looking at genius app suggestions an Charadium was suggested. its pictionary, but with words with friends style play. you can play with random people, or you can develop a friends list and play with friends! i really enjoyed the game, so if anyone ever wants to play my sn is...