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    White Or Black 3G

    Which one is worth getting and why?
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    Help! Help! 3G

    I Have about an Hour till i sell my Current 16GB iPhone to some kid from craigslist just to get the new phone Question Do we know 100% a new phone will be out Monday ? I'm selling it for $400 is that a good price just incase something new comes out ?
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    Hack Question Tunes 7.4

    Just wanted to know if its SaFe to Update my iTunes to 7.4 I Change my icons I Added Apps Change My Carrier Logo Installed .....Installers with BackRound Just wanna make sure All my Stuff Will Stay The Same ? if i update
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    Mulit Task Question

    So i was on a Phone call with One of my Buddys and he wanted me to Check A Web site Out so Of Course me think hey i have a iPhone i can CHeck it out While am on this called DECLINE! Something about Could not USe Edge network while on a Phone call. . . . So is this a Lie i cant Surf the web or...
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    KeyBoard Speed!

    Just Wanted to Say I Can Type Faster on My iPhone then any of my other phones (Sidekick/Blackberry) pretty amazing never thought it would happen
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    Sync Prob!

    Hey For Some Wired Reason i cant Sync anything in my Address BooK For Eg, i Just got a new pictures for someone and a new email i put it in Address Book and now when i Sync it doesn't show up on my iPhone it was working day since Friday ! anyone having this prob ?
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    Screen Protector Question!

    Did anyOne put a Screen Protector i notice its Super! Hard to Put Marks on the Screen
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    My iPhone will not auto-sync when connected to my computer

    Just wanted to know if its me .... or when i dock my iPhone on my G5 And iTunes pop's up nothing happens why is it now Auto Syncing like my ipod did when u dock it..
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    AT&T Store/ Apple Store Question!

    Just Wondering every ATT Store and Apple store is gOing to Carry the iPhone on the 29th please someone let me know cause i took off that day...and still don't have a Game Plan "where to Go"