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  1. hutchensgd

    Solar powered iPhone? Would be great, unless you leave it in the sun too long!
  2. hutchensgd

    Got Fired For Pics On My iPhone

    Man up, and do not blame Apple, or anybody else for your foolishness.
  3. hutchensgd

    Anyone else sick of the iPhone?

    Still love mine!
  4. hutchensgd

    Six month anniversary for my iPhone

    I grew up in San Jose and have some relatives in Salinas. In fact, last week I was close in Gilroy.
  5. hutchensgd

    Answer iPhone in Speaker mode

    My Alfa Romeo (see avatar) makes plenty of noise. And I like it that way!
  6. hutchensgd

    Answer iPhone in Speaker mode

    I would not be surprised if you will be unable to hear the phone ringing while driving. The ring volume in my oppinion is too low. And I just had my hearing tested so I know that is not the issue.
  7. hutchensgd

    Anyone else upset about the price drop to $399?

    I agree with you. I would have waited in line and purchased mine again!
  8. hutchensgd

    Anyone else upset about the price drop to $399?

    Although I am not happy that I could have saved $200, I still love my phone!
  9. hutchensgd

    Much cheaper iPhone reportedly on way

    I hope your lungs have near infinite air capacity, because if you hold your breath waiting for this, you will be in serious difficulty soon.
  10. hutchensgd

    The iPhone is more fiction than reality

    In some ways Apple can only blame themselves for all of the criticism. They clearly overhyped it. Now I love mine, but it is clear that there was way more hype for this phone than any other either. Right?
  11. hutchensgd

    The iPhone is more fiction than reality

    Yes indeed. Everybody I have shown mine to has been envious too.
  12. hutchensgd

    i am sick ! and tried of hearing people say.. ... ..

    Did you really tell the guy that?
  13. hutchensgd

    iPhone Future Widgets

    That looks like a mighty scary dog you have there on your shoulder. Did he get up there when he saw a small mouse? Just joking!:2cool:
  14. hutchensgd

    For those interested in 'upgrading' from 4GB to 8GB

    Well, a $50 mistake is not bad at all. My iPhone darn near got me killed today. I was checking e-mail while driving and darn near had a serious accident! I will never do that again.
  15. hutchensgd

    World Clock no workie?

    My clock is working well too, but I did find that there were cities that I could not locate in the preset choices.
  16. hutchensgd

    Help! Dropped my iPhone in the toilet

    Call the Tidy Bowl Man?
  17. hutchensgd

    Is there any way to get Hotmail via iPhone email

    There is a way. Unfortunately it is not free. BUt at least it is not expensive. You can set up an Izymail account which will allow you to access Hotmail through your iPhone. I have had a Hotmail account for about 8 years too, and I did not want to change either. This made it possible for me to...
  18. hutchensgd

    The iPhone is more fiction than reality

    Good. Save up your money and you will be able to have a nice present in your stocking.
  19. hutchensgd

    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    I love mine too Phoenix! I also love San Diego.
  20. hutchensgd

    The iPhone is more fiction than reality

    The reality is great for me, and I love the iPhone. However, if this is not your opinion, I respect that.