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  1. fosterhere

    Trying to get AppTapp Installer-1 to work :(

    Just downloaded AppTapp Installer-1 that is supposed to work with iTunes version 7.4 & later and iPhone version 1.1.2 I'm now on my %&*^THIRD RESTORE :angry: Can someone please tell me what the process is? I launch the AppTapp program with my iPhone attached and I get a Bootstrap Error...
  2. fosterhere

    How do you Delete everything before you send your phone back to Apple

    I was having a little trouble with my iPhone the battery was never fully charging and I never got anything like the advertised battery life. By mid day the battery would be at 10% It wasn't such a big deal I worked around it car charger, home charger, laptop charger. But the one thing I started...
  3. fosterhere

    Back Scratch

    I've had my iPhone since just about iDay and I've used it naked. I toss it in my jeans front pocket or in my shirt pocket all the time. Smudges are removed with vigorous rubbing on my pant leg. The screen is remarkably resilient, more so than the brushed aluminum back. I have a tendency of...
  4. fosterhere

    Update 1.0.2

    Well guess what ? After reading about the impending update and the problems associated with any future updates I decided to restore my Aptap moded iPhone. Well as I hit the restore button iTunes askes me to download the new iPhone software. Its doing it now :laugh2: I will restore and reboot :D
  5. fosterhere

    Battery died and iPhone bricked

    This is the first time I let the battery fully die. I was sailing and listening to some tunes. Then I had to do some work at my yacht club, its a working club, and continued to listen to my ipod. So yes I had the damn thing run till the battery died. No problem says I when I get home I'll...
  6. fosterhere

    9/11 - Lest we forget.

    Not to post any political rant on a silly iPhone forum but 9/11 was a pretty big thing and I think ANY group of people and this forum is mostly comprised of Americans should take a moment this morning. I was in Grand Central Station watching the news when the second plane hit. I was with...
  7. fosterhere

    FREE Music Music Videos

    Just came to a silly realization, while walking my dog and playing with my iPhone. I don't need to DL music on my iPhone and use up space for music. I can just use YOU-TUBE DUH :laugh2: Seriously I was listening to the new Amy Winehouse CD that I payed for and DL, when I wonder hmmmm is there a...
  8. fosterhere

    iPhoto & iPhone Syc not working

    OK So I organized all my photos into neat albums in iPhoto then synced my iPhone and POOF all my photos and none of my iPhoto albums are on my phone. Just my last roll. WT......! :angry: I checked my sync setting in iTunes for photos and I have it set to Sync all photos from iPhoto and all...
  9. fosterhere

    What do ya think Portable Solar Charger

    Think it will work ? I'm on my boat a lot see avatar ;) Sometimes overnight. My sailboat has no AC/DC outlet so I was thinking about this little solar charger
  10. fosterhere

    Little things that bother me.

    HOME BUTTON> WHY ! can't that not be the camera shutter button ? WHY ! do you have to have that small little on screen button. It would be so much better if in comera mode that button became the shutter. Also Why cant the home button also END A FREAKING CALL ! I keep pushing it because...
  11. fosterhere

    Saving emailed photos to photos ?

    A friend just emailed a photo taken with her iPhone to me. I received the photo fine but how do I save the photo in my photo section of my phone ? I've tried everything nd cant figure it out don't tell me you cant move the email photo to save it in your photos ? That would be really really...
  12. fosterhere

    Color Cases

    Want your iPhone in a color other than silver? Apple can't help, but Colorware's got you covered. You saw what a good job they did on on Xbox 360, so there's no reason to think their quality will be anything but spectacular for the iPhone. You can send in your existing iPhone and have them color...
  13. fosterhere

    C&P Rant

    WHY ? WHY ? WHY? :angry: is there no way to Cut & Paste on the iPhone. It is becoming my #1 critique of this wonderful phone. Example of my frustration I set up my Photobucket account easy enough to email photos to the website. But then when I go a website where I want to USE the photo like...