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  1. jbarrack

    Where's the webclip icon?

    I restored my phone and now there is no webclip icon showing up for EIC. Is this happening for everyone? Or is my phone not working right?
  2. jbarrack

    Please tell me there is someone out there who's

    3G iPhone takes 10 - 15 minutes to download an app from the app store directly to their phone ... and takes the same amount of time to install and application going from iTunes. I have restored 8 times. I have deleted the original firmware file and made iTunes download an new file ... same...
  3. jbarrack

    Why on earth does it take 15 Minutes to sync 3G?

    Does anyone else have this issue? It's ridiculous. What the hell is iTunes backing up for 15 minutes? I've tried to restore. I still am faced with this issue. Any thoughts?
  4. jbarrack

    Using iPod while playing a game

    Is there anyway you can listen to you own music on you iPod app while using a game? If there is one, I haven't figured out a way to do it. Every time I go to use a game while listening to music the iPod shuts off. Does anyone know of a way to work around this?
  5. jbarrack

    iPhone 3G App Store question

    When downloading apps from the appstore on your 3G iPhone does it take like 10 minutes to install? Mine like shows the meter and says installing and when the meter gets to the end it just goes all over again from the beginning. The process takes a long time. Anyone else having this issue?
  6. jbarrack

    Just put my iPhone up for auction

    Posted it on ebay about a month before the supposed release of the new one. Im hoping to get some more money from my 1st Gen before the 2nd gen phone come out. Plus they are all sold out of them at the Apple online store. Thats my theory ... Hopefully someone will want it.
  7. jbarrack Shut Down.

    Apple made shut down. That was the best place for all your iPhone icon needs. They have a letter to all the users up. Thats a shame!
  8. jbarrack

    Apple files patent for flip phone design ...

    Read this on Engadgetmobile this morning ... looks interesting. Though you guys would like to see this.
  9. jbarrack

    Desperately looking for firmware 2.0 Calculator icon

    Does anyone have it?
  10. jbarrack

    New iFuntastic for version 1.1.4

    New version released for 1.1.4 here is the article according to ... Downloading it now ...
  11. jbarrack

    Question about a new feature/mod that stayed

    I downloaded this morning the extended preferences program from Installer. The only really preference I changed was that when I tap the Battery Icon it shows me in a numeral how much batter life I have left. When I got home I fully restored my phone to stock and updated to 1.1.3. Well sure...
  12. jbarrack

    Customize 1.15

    I downloaded the new version of Customize. In rSBT there is no way to have hidden applications anymore ... that sucks!
  13. jbarrack

    Leopard stacks on your iPhone

    This looks really awesome ... I hope they can get this up and running in an easy way soon ... Here is the article from iPhonealley...
  14. jbarrack

    Installing files to iPhone

    Hey everyone, im sorry if this was already posted. I tryed a ton of searches in the forums and couldnt find the answer to my question. How or what program can I use to install .tar files to my iPhone. Mainly the new image packages to use with customize. Even if someone can point me to the...
  15. jbarrack

    Video Messaging?

    My Uncle got a loaner phone for while his is in for repair. When he placed his sim card into the loaner iPhone it said "Video Messaging is not availible at this time" or words to that effect but it was regarding video messaging not being able to work. What do you suppose that meant?