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    Want To Edit Icons and get custom ICONS

    hey, i know how to use cydia and winterboard. but now i want to customize a little more. i want to edit the icons and all the other stuff in the theme myself. But i need help on how to access these files and how to do them. Can anyone help me out?
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    help needed in jailbreaking!

    i downloaded quickpwn for firmware 2.2 and did all the steps, but when it comes to the step where it asks me to press the home and the power button nothing happens.. can any one help me outt? thanksss
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    jailbreaking quickPwn for firmware 2.2

    hey, i just downloaded quickPwn so that i can jailbreak my phone. I connect the iPhone wen it asks me to. then it asks me to browse the firmware. i don't know where to get that from. any help?
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    iPhone jailbreak qs

    if i hav a jailbroken iPhone and i am using it with atnt.. can i update it? n if i update it what happens?