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    Will JB on new 3GS change Offical-Unlock status?

    I have recently bought an iPhone 3GS (to replace my 2G). It is an officially-unlocked-by-Apple 3GS. I want to JB as I did my 2G. Will JB change the official unlock status in any way? Also, for 3GS on 3.1.3 is JB best with blackrain or PwnageTool? I've read the tethered/untethered info and it...
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    Best Search app within Contacts?

    I'm using 3.1.2 on 2G iPhone 16GB. I have thousands of contacts (my entire businesss, synced from Address Book app on my Mac) and I'm looking for an app or utility that will offer search within my contacts, not just searching the name or company. One that works the way Address Book works on the...
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    Where does iTunes store my iPhone backup file?

    Can anyone tell me where in my laptop iTunes stores the backup file for my iPhone? Can that file be used to replace another iPhone backup? I've just re-redsn0wed my phone (after Restore) and it's becoming hugely frustrating trying to remember all my settings info (plus, I'm fundamentally lazy, I...
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    Cydia will not update!

    I'm getting a strange error message when updating through Cydia (when it shows 2 items in the little red spot that need updating) saying "hash sum" is wrong and it won't update anything. I've tried twice to re JB/unlock (Restore method) using redsnow but same problem. I think I might be using...
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    Can't use AT&T prepaid SIM - why?

    I want use the sim card out of an AT&T prepaid phone in my iPhone (3.0.1 unlocked JB'ed original 2G) but it refuses to find any signal when the sim is inserted into the iPhone, yet it has full signal on the AT&T phone. Can anyone help with this? Many thanks in advance for any help offered.
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    How do I make sure I restore from backup?

    I need to re-jb and unlock my iPhone (original, NOT 3G). How can I ensure that my present data (notes, sms messages, contacts, calendars etc etc) and setup (alarms, international times, favourites, etc etc) are available to restore in my 2.2.1 iPhone (original NOT 3G) after re-jbing and...
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    Is iTunes 8.1 safe?

    Does anyone know yet whether iTunes 8.1 will affect a jb'ed unlocked iPhone (2G) or not? I'm cautious about installing it in case it messes up my syncing in some way or undoes any of the iPhone mods. Many thanks for any advice.
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    How can I enable the Screenshot function?

    I'm using 2G iPhone running 2.2.1 jailbroken/unlocked. I used to have screenshot function enabled on previous versions (before 2.x) but how can I enable that function on 2.2.1? many thanks in advance for any help. Forget it, sorry. I just did a search and found the answer. I'd been searching...
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    PwnageTool doesn't accept 2.2 ipsw

    I have a 2G iPhone jailbreak/unlock 2.1 using PwnageTool. I want to upgrade my iPhone to 2.2 but PwnageTool (version 2.2) tells me "Wrong firmware bundle selected" and I can't get any further. Am I supposed to update my iPhone first to 2.2 using iTunes method (then making it locked again and not...
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    Is Leopard 10.5.6 safe to use with pwned iPhone?

    I have 2G iPhone pwned v2.1. I'm not sure whether to update to 10.5.6 if I want to keep syncing my iPhone using iTunes 802 without losing its pwned setup. Many thanks in advance for any help offered.
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    Installer app won't launch (2G pwned 2.1)

    I have 2G iPhone pwned v2.1. Installer will not launch and I'm certain it was not like this when I first pwned the iPhone. It launches to a white scree for a few seconds then returns to the main springboard screen again. Can I re-install Installer without pwning again? Is there a repository or...
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    Is it safe to update to iTunes 802?

    I'm using 2G iPhone Pwned to 2.1. Presently using iTunes 801 but if I update my iTunes to 802, will the iPhone still backup, sync etc and work normally? Many thanks in advance for any advice offered.
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    How can I SSH into Pwned 2G iPhone v2.1?

    I've recently updated my 2G iPhone from 1.1.4 (ZiPhoned) to 2.1 (PwnageTool). I'm not sure what extras need to be installed in order to get functions like SSH and screenshot enabler working. I used to use my own repo list (on iAppCat- excellent!) but I'm not sure whether to use it with 2.1 or...
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    Can pre-3G iPhone running 2.x use App Store?

    I have an older (March 08) iPhone (jailbreak/unlock). If I upgrade to latest software version 2.x and Pwn it, can I install apps on the Apple App Store? Many thanks in advance.
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    Is iTunes 8 safe with iPhone 1.1.4?

    Can anyone tell me if latest iTunes version 8 is definitely OK to upgrade to and still have my 1.1.4 jailbreak/unlock iPhone work fine with it doing syncing as usual? Many thanks in advance.
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    Can I jailbreak/unlock 1.1.4 using latest PwnageTool?

    I'm about to re-jailbreak/unlock my iPhone 1.1.4. Can I use the latest version of PwnageTool (2.0.2) or do I need an older version of it (eg 1.1) to use on my pre-3G iPhone? Many thanks in advance.
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    PWN didn't work! Phone now not working- URGENT!

    I have (had) an iPhone that was ZiPhoned to 1.1.4 (from an otb 1.1.2) which was working fine except that I got a bad wifi connection and wrecked Installer. I got advice on this forum to re-jailbreak so now I have stable wifi, I used PwnageTool 1.1. Oh dear! First the phone went through the pwn...
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    Installer mess up! Help?

    I was having problems with Installer (v382) giving the message "Package download failed; can't find host" when trying to install stuff, so... 1. by SSH, I copied the Installer package (from /Applications in the iPhone) into my laptop then deleted it from the iPhone 2. Installed an earlier...
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    SSH connection fails

    Suddenly I can't connect to iPhone via SSH. I keep getting this message: "ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused" Does anyone know what's going on? It's been doing this for 2 days now. Never did it before unless I got the IP address wrong, but even then I'd just correct it...
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    Installer goes round and around and around and...

    When I go into Installer, the little rotating grey "activity clock" beside the wifi reception bars at top left of screen just keeps on going around and around and around. Forever. And again I can't download anything because I keep getting that old "Error: Failed to download package. Can't find...