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  1. chriskyo

    If you own an iPad, will you get an iPad mini?

    Of course not, iPad mini has no advantage compared with iPad
  2. chriskyo

    Battery Life so far?

    At least better than iPhone4 and 4s but not that good, need portable power source when outside
  3. chriskyo

    Battery life on the iPhone 5

    Of course it is better than iPhone 4 and 4s, iPhone 5 has so many improvement including battery
  4. chriskyo

    Looking to buy

    You had better buy a new one, the contract price is 99 dollars. Or you have less than 99 dollars for the gift?
  5. chriskyo

    To use a screen protector or not

    Of course I use screen protector to avoid the damage of dropping
  6. chriskyo

    After market accessories (Lightning)

    I am searching for them, too. Just worry about the quality and delivery speed
  7. chriskyo

    Why I'm struggling with a $2XX.00 iPad Mini.

    I think mini will have a retina screen, if not, it has no much competitiveness compared with other Android tablets
  8. chriskyo

    Which iPhone 5 case are you getting?

    I have already ordered one for my iPhone5, I am still waiting. But I can not post pictures and links
  9. chriskyo

    Am I the only one not using a screen protector?

    As for iPhone4s, I didn't buy any screen protector. But iPhone5, I should buy one for better care
  10. chriskyo

    What's the first thing you're gonna do with your iPhone 5 once you have it?

    of course first I will start it up