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    Modding displaylist.plist files

    I used to be able to click on the display list file and edit the order of my icons and somehow I changes something and now when I do I get some boilian langauge something. I've tried everything from opening with notepad to word pad to excel help anyone. thanks in advance
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    Nes Sound

    I have the latest Nes and no sound how do I fix this thanks.
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    Books App Help Where do I put ebooks files

    Still not working.
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    Books App Help Where do I put ebooks files

    Ok I have the installer on my phone and have many apps. Where do I put the ebooks I have down loaded in order to read them. Thanks in advance
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    Adding Applications Help Can't get to show up

    Ok I added shh got my phone to sync up over wifi. Added applications they show up on winscp. I right clicked on the folder and it was already set to 0755 so I went into the folder and set all the files to 0755 and it still won't show up. on my phone. Help please
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    Explain to me SSH install please

    do you need a wireless router for this to work I don't have one. thanks.
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    Safari (world) icon needed and superman carrier logo

    I've been searching for an hour lost my mods after update and I had a really cool Earth mirrored icon and superman carrier icon can anyone help thanks
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    How serious is Services.plist

    Well that was not my experience. I'm syncing and have the correct memory indicated. So I guess if it works don't fix it.
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    iPhone iCon Change Icons on your home screen

    OK I've changed the icons but I was unable to do the last step. cd system/library/lockdown putfile services/plist I still have new icons is this a necessary step and how do I do it.
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    iPhone iCon Change Icons on your home screen

    ok now I found jailbreak and iPhoneinterface. How do I use them. I click on jailbreak and follow the instructions and it says sending software then booting iPhone and stops. How long am I supposed to wait. I waited about 5 minutes and gave up. I got a message that said restore my iPhone so I'm...
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    iPhone iCon Change Icons on your home screen

    OK now all of the instructions say you need Jailbreak. How can I get a copy can someone e-mail me. thanks.
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    iPhone iCon Change Icons on your home screen

    Can someone post a tutorial on this Please with a PC.
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    iPhone iCon Change Icons on your home screen

    Yes me too can someone put up these icons with an easy tutorial to how to.
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    Anyone able to output video to car or TV

    I have a Pioneer DVD indash unit and I was able to easily watch Ipod movies on it with my ipod video. I have gotten music to play but not video. Any help will be appreciated.
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    Out boudd mail server Issue

    Problem solved I had to specify :3535 after the smtp server to get it to work. Got this from Apple tech site.
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    Out boudd mail server Issue

    rep from godad said I might try att's outb server anyone have that if so what is it and do you need pass and usernm
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    Out boudd mail server Issue

    I have goddaddy for my mail account and my outbound server is this works fine on my home pc but will not send mail from my phone. any help will be appreciated