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    iMac IMac i7 processor worth it

    Up Yours
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    iMac how BIG is your iMac?

    "That's What She Said"
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    How Much For The iPhone When It Comes Out.

    Any Generation Of The iPhone How Much Will You Be Willing To Spend For An iPhone. Here's An Example: Everyone Knows When The iPhone 4S First Came Out. Well, I Bought My White iPhone 4S 64 GB After Like One Month And A Half After It Came Out And I Honestly Bought It At Full Price I Didn't Care...
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    How This Battery Life...

    How Is This For Battery Life On My 4S:
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    The iPhone Is Perfect.

    If You Think About It...And Take Care Of It...The iPhone Is PERFECT. Share Stories.
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    Are you happy with the battery life on your iPhone?

    Are You Happy With Your iPhone Battery Life Even If It's Not That Good?