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    Sensors for rotating a picture bad?

    Make sure the phone is perpendicular to the ground when you turn it. It will not turn if it is flat in your hand. Ex. if you have iPhone laying flat on a table and turn it 90 degrees while still flat on the table it will not change the view. But if you pick up the iPhone perpendicular to the...
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    Family Plan and iPhone?

    I have a family talk plan. Yes, you can get the iPhone and just add the 20$ data plan to an existing 9.99 family share line. The activation process will ask you if you are an existing customer, say yes, then if you are replaceing an existing line or adding a line, say replacing. Then it ask you...
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    Who LOVES their iPhone?

    great! It's great I'm sending this from my iPhone and it preforms perfectly no problems it's rare a product preforms as peomised
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    All iPhone Reviews

    Just want I thought I just activate and sync my iPhone the whole process took about 10 mins. I was an existing ATT customer so I just had to add the 20$ plan to my account. The process was smoother and easier then I had imagined it would be. I have played with all the feature including the...
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    Looking for the Definative Answer

    You activate it on iTunes not at the store. You r just buying apiece of equipment at the store. There is no plan or contract attached to it at that point. There is no reason that anyone can'nt go in a buy it. Do they check your account when you buy an Ipod?
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    Looking for the Definative Answer

    That is not true, for sure I can get the phone, all I have to do is add the 20 data plan to my existing voice plan. I just don't understand why it matters who buys the phone, I don't think you have to do anythiong at the Apple store just walk in and buy the kit and go home and set it up on your...
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    Looking for the Definative Answer

    If this has been answered I'm sorry. I just went into an ATT store and ask the lady if the persons who's name is on the account had to be present to buy an iPhone even if you are an existing customer and she said yes. ?$#@%$# My wife and I are on a family talk plan and it happens to be in her...
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    My Biggest Fear!

    12 months from now iPhone available with: 3G GPS 20 gig For 300$ Ok maybe stretching it, but is anyone worried about a short turn on upgraded model?
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    Unlocked iPhone

    Is this for real? AT&T will flip!