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  1. MrSoprano

    Help please, how do I delete ringtones from the ringtone tab?

    Any help would be appreciated. I tried putting a ringtone on my iPhone and it didn't work. Now I have the file listed under the ringtone tab within my iPhone tab. How do I get this off that list? I've searched for a while but still can't figure this out. I am running Windows XP.
  2. MrSoprano

    Do apps run in the background?

    Just a quick question, do the apps still run in the background after we hit the home button? I am moving over to the iPhone from the Moto Q and the Q would always keep the apps running if I didn't manually end them through a end task type of program. I'm wondering this because I know with the...
  3. MrSoprano

    can't receive calls?

    i ported my number over from verizon and i was activated last night finally. Now i can make calls but cant receive them. Any advise or is everything just being ported over still? When someone calls me it goes straight to my old verizon voice mail. Thanks for any advise. Btw love the iPhone so far !