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  1. Lisacj

    Last In Line

    I am starting to realize that due to a stupid sinus infection, I might be the last person on this board to get my 5. And yes, FYI, this is affecting me greatly! I was not raised to be the last one to get something! I believe I am gonna have to look into some thereby. This is very...
  2. Lisacj

    I have a question about the new phone

    From what I understand, when I sign into iCloud it will transfer my crap from my old phone......please correct me if I'm wrong. What I am curious about is when I do that, is it going to send all my pics off the old phone too? I don't want them on the new phone. We are keeping the old ones...
  3. Lisacj

    This Forum is Killing My Ego

    The first thing I'm met with this morn is finding out I'm not cool . Completely bursting that nice bubble I've had for years! Secondly, I've been awarded some kind of stalker award......Keeps Coming Back. That tells me they think I'm here WAAAYYY to much and need to get a life! So I head...
  4. Lisacj

    The Person Below Me

    I've played this game on other boards and it's a lot of fun! You make a random statement about the next poster starting with "The Person Below Me". Then the next person to post says if it's true or not. They then make their statement about the next person. I'll start: The person below me...
  5. Lisacj

    How Embarrassing

    OMG ;)
  6. Lisacj

    Plug Adapter

    Rumors are that the 5 (or New) will have a smaller dock connector. Any chance this phone will come with an adapter (for old chargers)? I have about 30 iPhone chargers (I work at a hotel and people leave them then don't want to pay to have them shipped back). I would hate to have no use (for...
  7. Lisacj

    Blank Screen

    The screen on my iPhone 4 has gone blank. The phone still works (I called someone....not sure who). But there is nothing on the screen. Any ideas? I'm patiently waiting for the 5, but I need something!