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    Features you would like to see!

    waterproof did something i guess :) but is that for a swimmer? hahaha..
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    iPhone Software 3.0 Official Discussion Thread

    So far I have no problem with the security encryption, no matter what kind of it, both WEP or WPA. I even don't ask what security encryption they used, if I go to somewhere (hostspot) to try their connection.
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    First version iPhone

    Not worth enough for me to sell it, so I'll keep it until it broke itself, LOL
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    How to delete all contacts from iPhone at once

    Not work for me for the first time, ( human error I think, haha ) but the second try, it works. Thanks Pal ! :)
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    Obama seeks to expand broadband capacity

    Just know bout it... It's smell like political?
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    Selling on eBay... tips for success?

    I'm Newbie on eBay, but I got some good tips right here, and there're more succeed than the failed so i'm gonna push myself harder :)
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    How many songs fit on 16gb iPhone?

    3000+ songs.. more space left :)
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    The Official iPhone 3GS Picture thread!

    Great StarBucks picture i think :)