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    1PC - 2 Apple Products - iPhone + Nano = How to sync both?

    Hey, As per title, i've got 2 Apple devices. iPhone 3g and a new nano for my mum. I'm using 1 pc and iTunes. Is there anyway to create like 2 users in iTunes? So i have 2 different library and don't have to copy my iTunes music files and paste somewhere after and put in another...
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    Extra Colour on Usage bar for Apps - Its green :)

    Anyone notice this? Anyways, i don't think its very accurate. according to my mobile application folder there is about 500+mb of apps in there.. The used usage on the device says 17MB :S
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    iTunes 8 out now

    Go go go. Download now. Good luck!
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    Changing iTunes account on iPhone 3G app store

    Hey all, Just wondering if there is a way to change the account you use on the iPhone app store. I have several iTunes accounts and i wanted to use a certain account that had credit to make a purchase, but when i clicked buy... etc, it asked me to enter a password for my other account with...
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    Home Button sends to Favourite Contacts :S

    Hey All, This has happened to me 3-4 times, but yesterday, 3 times in a day. I don't know what i did, but i think the phone confused itself with something and each time i clicked the home button, it didn't go home, it went to the favourite contact page. I couldn't put it on standby or...
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    WiFi - certificate

    Hello all, I have the username and password for a network at my university, but it says i'm not verified when it goes to the certificate page, and asks me to click accept, i click accept and thats about it. Nothing happens from there and still says not verified. Is there anyway to get this...
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    Anyway to view MMS?

    Hey, First time today, someone sent me an mms and its like the old days where you had to go online to view it. I used the link given in the text message, but it didn't work on the iPhone. Any other way? Thanks
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    Program for .DIVX to AVI or strignt to .mp4

    Hello, Somehow i managed to end up with a few divx files. Is there anyone out there that knows a program to convert divx to avi, dvd or straight to .mp4. Videora doesn't do it for me, and my other pgorams don't either. CHEERS :)
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    MSN Messenger Application

    Hello All, In Australia, i believe there are less users of AOL and AIM etc than MSN Messenger. Well, i sure do think so. Anyways, just wondering if anyone has created an application for the MSN Messenger. I have tried, ebuddy, e.. etc.. I hate them all, horrible to use...
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    eBay application?

    Is there one? I am an ebay addict. Its my homepage and has been for years. Anything at the moment? I found a paypal one, that'll come in handy, now to buy and sell things to receive money into paypal and transfer :)
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    Upload photos from iPhone 3G to PC, vice versa

    HOW TO?->Upload Photos from iPhone3G to PC - vice versa Hello All, Been searching around google and this forum in the iPhone Section and 3G. Can't seem to find a method to upload photos from the iPhone to a PC or from the PC to the iPhone - (PC-> iPhone for 1 photo not a complete album)...