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    3.1 keyboard tap sound very quite

    My iPhone keyboard sound is very low sound when I type is anyone else this way?
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    AT&T rep said "MMS date has been push backed"

    im on the phone with an AT&T rep and he said that the MMS date was pushed backed, he said hes checking to see if he has a date for me.
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    App Store updates are PUSH!

    I was just on my home screen, haven't hit the app store in over 3 hours today, and my phone just randomly vibrates, i looked at the page i was on (page 3) and nothing went to page 2 still nothing so i was like okay? i went home nothing there, but then a 1 poped up on the app store, so this...
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    Push notifications

    I have the AP test application on my phone. I get push notification from them. If I turn my phone on silent will the sounds still go off?
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    Removed MMS option for beta 5?

    is that just me or everyone?
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    An App that

    changes the phone that AT&T system sees? like make my phone send signal that its the sony ericsson or something like that?
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    "Messages" start up orientation option

    Who would like to see an option that lets you decied whether you want "messages" to start up landscape or portrait, also the option to turn rotation
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    AT&T MMS is now working!

    Just updated to the Beta 2 of iPhone OS 3.0 and MMS is working!
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    Does tethering through iPhone charge you? 3.0 beta

    I'm just wanting to know if it charges you for tethering. I don't have the option but I was just wanting to know
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    receive but not send pictures

    i can receive MMS on my iPhone 3G but i cant send them.... idk why. i tried by email me a pic to [phone number] with a picture attached and i received it like a normal MMS but i cant send them....
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    For you all wanting or have 3.0 beta...

    When do you think that Apple will release 3.0 to the public...
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    does it matter

    if when updating to 3.0 (dev added UDID) if you click shift (or option) check for update or shift/option click restore?
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    percent of battery

    anyone know how to get this? the %%% then the battery icon...
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    SMS signature

    Is there an app or way that I can add a signature to my SMS messages. I know you can in email but I want it for my text messages...
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    Have you update?

    Earlier today Apple released the iPhone 2.2.1 software update. This update includes a fix for pictures saved from mail and it includes overall safari stability so tell me have you?
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    2.2 jailbreak work with 2.2.1?

    will the jailbreak for 2.2 work for 2.2.1? or do they have to relase a new version?
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    how to change to SMS bubble colors?

    I would like to customize and change the colors of the SMS bubbles. Is this doable and if so, how can i do this? Thanks in advance.
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    change to SMS bubbles?

    how can i do this... i ssh into my phone downloaded the files but i cant open the .png
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    SMS Counter...

    Does any one have the problem with the App SMS COUNTER from Cydia where if your numbers don't have the country code they show up once with the name and once with the number, because i don't type in the country code
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    Replace battery graphic that shows while charging

    how can i replace the battery that shows when your charging? please and thanks