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    I just bought the 3G-S a few days ago and I'm anxious to jailbreak it. When do you forum readers think the Dev. team will have the jailbreak ready for the 3G-S? Thanks.
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    Sirius app and Howard Stern

    Are we not able to get the Howard stern channel on the App? I cannot find it...
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    New iPhone 3GS, no MMS

    I just got my new iPhone 3gs, but have no MMS capability. My carrier says ATT 4.0 if that matters. What do I need to do to enable it? I am paying for it and it is on my plan..Thanks
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    Jailbreaking 2.1

    If I update my 2.0.1 pwned 3g iPhone to the new Apple 2.1 firmware, will I be able to re-jailbreak right after the update with pwnage2.0.1 or will I have to wait for a new 2.1 pwnage tool to come out? Thanks
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    Please give your opinion on the iPhone 3G

    I have a first generation iPhone, and love it. I would however like to have 3g access to the net and GPS would be a plus. Are you really happy with the 3g or do you wish you had stayed with the 1st generation? I've heard of reception problems, how is yours? Thanks in advance..
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    upgrading Pwnage 2.0.1 to 2.0.2

    How do I do this? Do I have to download the new pwnage version 2.0.2 and re-jailbreak my phone, or is there an easy upgrade option? I really don't want to go through re-jailbreaking and re-adding all apps and themes again and packages again. Will I have to do this? Thank you..
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    Cydia via Pwnage ?

    I have a question about a jailbroken phone. I have a 2g iPhone jailbroken with pwnage 2.0.1. I have installed multipe apps, themes, etc. through Cydia. If I had a problem and had to restore my phone would I have to jailbreak again and re-install all of my apps? Or would the jailbroken version...
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    Jailbreak ? about Cydia and installer

    I'm new to jailbreaking, and I'm using pwnage 2.0.2. Where do I enter sources for downloads, in Cydia or Installer? Both have a place to enter them, but which is the most common place I should do it? What is the difference in the two? Most of the time I try both and it says site...
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    Jailbreak ?

    I just jailbroke my phone using the Pwnage tool. After restore, I have no connection to the ATT network, and all calls are immediatey listed as "call failed". Can anyone help me restore my network connection so calls can be made. Thanks
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    App crash ?

    Why is that every time I sync my iPhone to add maybe a new song or something my downloaded apps will not work afterward? They always crash, and will not open until I download them again. Also when syncing I always get a message asking if I want to "transfer" or "don't transfer" some of my...
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    iPhone 3G Thickness

    Does anyone know if the new 3G iPhone will still fit in the docks for most music players like the bose sound system etc. or is it too thick?
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    When will iPhone Software Update 2.0 Be Released?

    When will Apple release iPhone software update 2.0? Will it be out tomorrow? Looking for any information.
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    Will upgrading to Leopard delete everything on my Mac?

    Will the leopard upgrade wipe everything of my mac, or just update it with the new operating system leaving all stored files and installed programs still there and functioning? Thanks
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    Is there a way to transfer my contacts from iPhone to new computer

    I lost my computer that was synced with my iPhone, now all of my contacts, photos etc. are just on my iPhone. Is there a way to transfer my contacts back to my new version of iTunes? Will this work for music also? Thanks
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    After disconnect I cannot get iPhone to connect to my Bluetooth again

    I have my bluetooth paired with my car unit and after the initial pairing it works great. But after I disconnect I cannot get my iPhone to connect to my bluetooth device again unless I delete the pairing and start over again. Bluetoothe on the iPhone is turned on and the bluetooth device is on...
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    Is it possible to..

    Is it possible to sync with iTunes and pull info from the iPhone and place it on iTunes. I had to do a clean install on my computer, and lost all data stored on iTunes,(music, photos, contacts,etc...) I still of course have everything on the iPhone, but would like to back it up on iTunes. I...
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    Upgrading memory in my new MacBook

    Hello, and thanks for your help, I just bought a new macbook from Apple and I want to upgrade the memory myself from the 1GB it came with to 2GB's to max it out. My question is, I know the macbook has two memory slots, but without opening it to look, does anyone know if there is 1GB card in...