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  1. chefj

    iTunes has detected an iPhonein Auto recovery mode?

    I updated my iTunes after reading many posts without any problems associated to it with the new update. I got this when i started to re-install jailbreak and the whole works. "iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode, you must restore before you are able to conntect to iTunes." I...
  2. chefj

    Sprint Story ( i think very funny )

    OK, i had to go to the Sprint store about a billing issue i had from a phone that i got a while back( they had given me my refund check from credits i had had on a previous account for work ). The "Sprint store" could not handel the issue but customer service over the phone could. They had me...
  3. chefj

    Online ordering already?

    I found this while looking at the campers in NY. I thought we were not able to do this?