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  1. Heller

    How do i add a theme from my computer?

    I like a lot of the themes from however, some of them are not on the so for instance, if i wanted to add this theme, how do i install it? just download and install with ibrickr? also, say if i wanted this...
  2. Heller

    Sample MP3 From iTunes to use as ringtones?

    how can i download the sample mp3 of the song i want from the iTunes music store, to then use as my ringtone? i will be using ibrickr as the program from the ringtones.
  3. Heller

    Apollo IM AND questions

    Im trying to get Apollo IM on my phone via the installer app, when i download,then unpack i get this error, "Apollo requires the "BSD SUBSYSTEM"PACKAGE", you must install it first" ware can i get this "BSD SUBSYSTEM"PACKAGE"? can i install it with what category is it under?
  4. Heller

    need some help with ibrickr .91 and iPhone 1.0.2 please

    I cant seem to get pass this initial menu, I downloaded ibrickr .91 an extracted it to a folder on my desktop, i've tryed restarting my computer, and restarting my phone, and unplugging and replugging in the usb cord. what am i doing wrong?
  5. Heller

    Uh... Im lost, i need some help please

    ok, so i downgraded from 1.1.1 to 1.0.2 via ibrick (.91) i installed and installed summer board, I want to install 3rd party apps such ass apolloIM,ttr,and various nes games, so i go to use ibrickr .8 (just like i did before i upgraded my firmware) and it just sits on "please wait...
  6. Heller

    Quick question regarding my iPhone and Gmail.

    I have my iPhone setup with gmail, how can i get it so when i delete the email through my phone,it deletes it in my gmail inbox, so when i go home and check my email via my computer, its deleted as well. thanks in advance.
  7. Heller

    Need help in deciding a iPhone case

    So I've had this Seidio Case for about a week, and im very unhappy with it, it does not hold the phone snug, and the side is loose/to big. so i will be mailing iy back for a refund. Now, I will be installing an invisible shield on my iPhone this week (front+back) and I would like another case...
  8. Heller

    Anoyying iPhone Issue (Dirty/smudgey screen)

    It seems every time i make a call with the phone, it gets smudged, everytime i look at the damn thing, the screen is dirty.... what do you guys do to clean your iPhone screen/ prevent it from even getting "ISmudged"
  9. Heller

    Ibrickr and iPhone Help Please :-)

    Hey guys, I've been lurking on the boards for about a month, finally decided to join as i need some assistance please. Im trying to use Ibrickr to add some ring tones, games and apps to my precious iPhone. Now, i cannot get past this page, Now, i did a forum search and got this response...