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  1. Rhinohd

    iPhone 6 Plus, it's really big

    If you think the 6 plus is to big you might be this guy...
  2. Rhinohd

    iPhone 6 Plus Cases Discussion

    I am a big Rokform Fan. I'm always working on things (cars/motorcycles) and its treated me good in the past. The magnet on the back is priceless when working on something. When I need to reference information (tech manuals) I just stick it right to the project and keep working. The optional...
  3. Rhinohd

    Pre-order Pajama Party

    I'm still waiting for the "We are holding your reservation." It's only been 4.5 hours.. Doesn't look good
  4. Rhinohd

    Pre-order Pajama Party

    Ok just got this email??? I hope this doesn't change the ship date???
  5. Rhinohd

    Pre-order Pajama Party

    space grey 6+ 128gb ordered at 11:56AM PST via the app. Waiting on the email to complete purchase with 7-14 days shipping. Dumb ATT isn't letting apple in to confirm..
  6. Rhinohd

    Track your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus shipments here

    Got mine reserved 5 mine before the start at 11:56am PST via the app. Waiting for an email to finish the purchase because they can't contact ATT... Grey 164 6+ Seemed to easy...
  7. Rhinohd

    Jailbroken iOS 7?

    Anyone try Absinthe yet? Or is it a scam?
  8. Rhinohd

    30-pin to Lightning Connector Issue

    I just used a small rat tail file on my old otterbox to fit aftermarket 30 pin adapters. Easy as pie...
  9. Rhinohd

    How does Passbook work?

    Ok Walgreens worked like a charm! Now I need to get Starbucks to work.
  10. Rhinohd

    How does Passbook work?

    Passsource charges! So I have to pay money to spend money. They also want my Apple ID and Password? I don't think so... Keeping my keyring!
  11. Rhinohd

    Official iPhone 5 Shipped & Tracking Thread

    So mine says it has not shipped yet. But it still says "Delivers 9/21 via Standard Shipping " So what are the chances of me actually getting it on Friday? If it's UPS that would suck. He doesn't get to my house until after 5:00PM
  12. Rhinohd

    FaceTime over Celluar on AT&T

    Looks like you need a shared Data plan to use it. So if I want to use it I need to dump my unlimited plan and go to 20gig shared plan for $40 more a month. AT&T you stink! No changing here...
  13. Rhinohd

    The official "I'm staying up till 3am to order the iPhone 5" thread, gang.

    I had to order it through the ap on my ipad UGH I got the "order being processed" Email but no conformation yet.
  14. Rhinohd

    The official "I'm staying up till 3am to order the iPhone 5" thread, gang.

    Nothing is working for me... UGH
  15. Rhinohd

    iPad 2 shipped!

    Ugh 64GIG black Order Date: Mar 11, 2011 at 01:06 AM PDT Not yet shipped Quoted "Delivers Mar 18 - Mar 25 by Standard Shipping" Don't think that's going to happen... Just venting LOL
  16. Rhinohd

    Online 3am ordering. Get same day?

    Just read this...
  17. Rhinohd

    Selling My 3GS should I remove the SIM card?

    Should I remove the sim card before i sell it? Do I need to leave it in? What would happen (if anything) if I left it in when i sell it?
  18. Rhinohd

    New CYDIA Fast and Awesome!

    Thanks it worked great! Loads faster way faster! I might not miss rock so much anymore...
  19. Rhinohd

    JB Apps and upgrading to a new phone...

    So, I'm about ready to get the 4g and was wondering how it works with the apps I paid for (MyWi, MyProfiles and LockInfo). Will Cydia know its me or am I stuck buying the apps AGAIN? Is there a way to move the license from one phone to the new one?