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  1. J

    What phone would you be using if the iPhone didn't exist?

    i had a sk3 and i was just about to "upgrade" to The Dash. glad i didn't
  2. J

    Can you watch YouTube videos on iPhone?

    Ok Thanks. Reason I asked is because sometimes you go on a site that has a video or I may get an email from someone with a video in it and I can't view it
  3. J

    Can you watch YouTube videos on iPhone?

    Are we only able to watch YouTube videos on our iPhones? If not, what other videos play? Thank you in advance!
  4. J

    Gmail IMAP

    I agree. don't announce it unless your ready to service everyone.
  5. J

    Gmail IMAP

    yes this is what i was referring to. Thanks
  6. J

    Gmail IMAP

    i don't see the IMAP option in my Gmail account. all i see the POP settings
  7. J

    Web apps make no sense to me

    ok point taken. But what about when u get on the plane
  8. J

    Web apps make no sense to me

    i agree webapps make no sense. i hate them:angry:
  9. J

    Got My $100 Rebate

    i just got mine also. i used it to get 100 bucks off my girlfriends ipod tough. lucky her:frown:
  10. J

    POLL: Would you have waited if you knew the price would drop $200

    i would have definitely waited
  11. J

    8GB iPhone is now going to be $399

    Btw safari crashed on me three times writing that message. Thanks Apple! I'm so pissed because I'm constantly defending why I paid so much for this sh$t and now they drop the price. NICE!
  12. J

    8GB iPhone is now going to be $399

    ive never seen a drastic price drop like that after only 2 months. When i got my sk3 the day it came out i got if for around 300 buucks, if im not mistaken its stll likke 299.99. This sucks on so many levels. I didn't pay 650.00 to b first. They can preach that they value their custumers crap, in...
  13. J

    Major iPhone Software Update Coming September 5?

    i cant wait for an update. i check for one every damn day:frown:
  14. J

    good bye for now iPhone

    Man i bring my iPhone To the club, to the shower. EVERYWHERE! i think i have a problem. i had to send it away for repair and was forced to use my sk3 for like a week. i almost had a breakdown.:angry: but shes back now:2cool:
  15. J

    Replacement iPhone?

    i don't know where your from or how many Apple stores u have near u, but when they are rude at one store i just go to the next one. but i rarely have a prob wit Apple reps they are usually pretty cool. even over the phone. but good luck!
  16. J

    SIM card problem!

    update Apple had to give me a whole new phone. But they still couldnt get my old sim out so i had to go the AT&T store to get one. I was afriad to open the sim tray but once i did i noticed that my sim tray on the original phone never popped up like that. so im assuming it was a problem from...
  17. J

    text messaging privacy.

    LOL I feel the same way, I'm sweatin bullets everytime my gf asks 2 see my phone
  18. J

    SIM card problem!

    I went to the 24hr Apple store on 5th ave and three Apple reps tried to get it out but they couldn't. They were about to just give me a new one but I was out of the 14day warranty by only 6 days. So I had to leave it to be repaired. So I'm talkin to you guys via sidekick 3. I'm glad I kept this...
  19. J

    SIM card problem!

    Well I took my sim card out of my iPhone just to see how to do it just in case I ever needed to. It came out fine. I put it back in with no problem but now my phone is saying "no sim". I tired to take it back out and now the tray won't come out at all. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance