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    iPhone 3G glossy back scratch proof?

    I've had a v1 for 9 months now and it has barely any scratches. I don't even use a case. What do these people do to their iPhones to get so many scratches on it? and why complain about a few smudges and scratches? ... it's a phone, the front is what needs to be pretty.
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    How's the signal strength?

    When the signal strength inside your house is 1-2 bars, how decent is web surfing on 3G? With 1-2 bars on Edge, it was horrible. I'm wondering how decent 1-2 bars is with 3G.
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    How's the signal strength?

    In quite a few classrooms and such, I get 1-2 bars with my v1 iPhone. Trying to web surf over Edge with 1-2 bars can be a pain. On one bar most of the time the page doesn't even load before class starts. I found if I hold it upside down (I assume the antenna is at the bottom) so my hand isn't...
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    What is your real reason for upgrading from v1 to the new 3G iPhone?

    If I get one it would be the 3G. I am rarely lost, so I have no need for GPS. I'm not sure what other features the 3G is going to have over the v1. Now just to determine if 2x web surfing speed is worth 15$ more a month.
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    Poll: How much will getting iPhone 3G cost YOU

    along with having no text messages included. That is an extra 5$ a month for 200. Basically 15$ more a month for minimum 3g plan similar to older plan. What a rip.
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    Dead spacebar - anyone else having this problem?

    Earlier this week my iPhone seemed to get a dead zone on the screen. It seems to be in the lower section - right on top of where the space bar runs across. Anyway, they are sending me a replacement and I have to send this one in to get it fixed. I've reset it back factory settings and all that...
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    How do I sync phone data with computer

    hehe, true. My main complaint with the iPhone right now is not being able to play music that is stored on my phone through iTunes. I noticed the other day that I can redownload the music I've purchased through iTunes and listen to that, but any other music I have on the phone is just grayed out...
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    What is your ringtone?

    I had the ringtone from Crank until the update removed it. I haven't looked into how to get it back on my phone yet ... I don't really do any sort of modding to the phone. (to get it on there initially, I did the ma4 > mar change ... or whatever the extensions were)
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    Web apps make no sense to me

    Also, you bought the phone knowing it had edge. Why the hell do people complain about edge speeds when they knew what they were getting when they bough the phone? *shrug*
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    iPhone vs xBox360

    If you game a lot, I'd say the 360. It's the best system out there right now. Personally If I had to choose one, I'd get the 360. There are just to many awesome games for it, and there are some killer ones coming out this holiday season. The phone is awesome, don't get me wrong ... but as a...
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    Agent 18 + Screen Protector

    How is this case for grip? I've heard people comment that the Seidio case is good since the outer has a thin rubber coating. I was thinking that the Agent 18 is not rubber, so I wondered if the Agent 18 case helped with grip at all.
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    iPhone VS iToilet: Now Taking Bets!

    Yikes, sorry to hear that happened to you. While not funny it happened to you, I did laugh that someone made a post like this. I was just thinking of this very same thing happening last night. Pretty much my main reason for getting the iPhone was to use it while on the toilet. It beats the heck...
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    Worth Getting?

    So far I've been happy with mine. If you are really wanting to get one, I'd say do it. There are always better versions of devices on the horizon, so it is a waste of time to wait for something better I think. I haven't surf'd much on the edge network. From what little I have, it is hit and...
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    Am i the only one that does this?

    For the most part I plan to now leave my nano in the car. That way I don't have to worry about forgetting it when I leave and I don't have to fumble with using the iPhone as the music player in my car. I also still use nano when at the gym.
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    Few questions about iPhone applications

    I had a chance to use the iPhone last weekend, but there were a few things I forgot to try out that I've been wondering. I just discovered your site and I've found the answer to a few of my questions, but here are two I haven't found answers for ... With the calendar software, when you add...
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    Does the mail use edge/data plan?

    I'm thinking the answer to this question is yet, but I wanted to ask to be sure. Does the iPhone use the data/edge plan to check and download emails using the built in mail software? I'm thinking eventhough a person would connect to a WiFi signal, the phone still uses the data plan to check...
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    iPhone reception / signal strength

    I wondered how good the signal strength is when you all go into buildings? I bought an iPhone over the weekend, but ended up taking it back because the signal strength was so low. According to AT&T, I'm in one of the higher areas as far as signal strength goes, but when I am in my apartment...