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  1. kr3st

    iPhone Dead?

    Hello everyone. I used to post here a while back, I haven't been around in a while but my iPhone 3G today decided to just stop working. I plugged it into the charger(wall not laptop) and it went into recovery mode, I thought that was weird. Well I went to restore a backup but it didn't...
  2. kr3st


    I've had the V1 iPhone and the 3G since day of release, but I thought they would of added event notifications, like when you have an email you see the # of unread emails, same with text msgs. Why would they not do that for the calendar to show events that day or up coming events? Is it just me...
  3. kr3st

    iPhone: Increase Time before Call Goes to Voicemail

    My iPhone always seems to jump to voicemail before I answer it. I need to increase the call forward delay. By increasing the delay before the call is transferred to voicemail, I have a better chance of grabbing it. As expected, the caller will hear an increased number of rings before being...
  4. kr3st

    Signal and battery icons

    How can I make it so they both show up in numbers? I've seen it on some themes then I download it and it doesn't change the icons I want it to in the status bar. Any help?
  5. kr3st

    AT&T whips up international iPhone data plan, also adding iTunes radio? We're not sure what took 'em so long -- reports of unhappy customers who traveled abroad with their surreptitiously email-checking iPhones returning home to bills totaling in the thousands of dollars -- have...
  6. kr3st

    red iPhone coming soon?

    This here supposed AT&T inventory sheet that fell into our laps today reads like an indecisive power user's wish list -- the Prada's great, the Z9's okay if you're into that sort of thing, and the K850a finally moves AT&T into high-end camera territory. But what's this, a red iPhone? Seriously...
  7. kr3st

    mobilechat update 1.2.6

    just updated it what's new tho? Nvm just looked and now theres an auto reconnect button in the settings tab. Thats all i see so far.