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    Phantom "Load ___ more messages" issue

    I've got mine all figured out. I run my Yahoo email through Microsoft Entourage on my Mac. In the settings for this account, I had a box checked that said delete messages off the server. Once I unchecked this box, I started getting all of my emails on my phone. The only problem is that I...
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    Phantom "Load ___ more messages" issue

    My Yahoo acct. is doing the exact same thing and I have no idea why. Anyone with some information on how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated. Is there something I have to do to my Yahoo account other than become a premium member or whatever/
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    iPhone activation running through iTunes?

    I never thought about this as a possibility, but according to Sean King of Mac radio, this is the way it's going to happen. Here is his quote: "Think about it - why would Apple require an iTunes account to use the iPhone? How is Apple getting around the need to have every Apple store tied...
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    Kansas City area?

    Anyone camping in the Kansas City area?!?! I was going to go to the Apple store on the plaza late thurs. night or early fri. morning before opening
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    False Advertising

    Actually, in the commercials, i think it's made pretty clear that it's wifi because (if i remember correctly) the four vertical bars that show up in the corner of the iPhone (the same bars are at the top of your Apple computer) were lit up black, signifying a wifi connection.
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    Have you seen?

    Yeah that must be the ones for the ATT stores. The one i saw at the Apple store is much different and much cooler looking.
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    Have you seen?

    The ones at the Apple store are even sweeter. It's basically an enlarged version of the iPhone. The screen is what looks to be a plasma screen and everything else is some plastic material. The screen constantly runs some sort of demo from what i could see. It's very cool looking. Apple sure...
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    Honest questions answered.

    This is definitely new... The old one had some pictures in the body of an email and that was it.
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    Honest questions answered.

    Could that bar chart be hinting at the possibility of opening attachments (word/excel/etc) on the phone? I'm pretty sure a blackberry can do this; i don't see why the iPhone wouldn't be able to
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    Honest questions answered.

    I think i may have figured out one of the things he was talking about. Go to iPhone link on the Apple website and go under the internet in your pocket tab. Click on the maps and some text appears under the small picture. It says, "With Google Maps and iPhone’s amazing Maps application, you...
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    Honest questions answered.

    Some little things that i'm a little curious about... -How do you change the ringer volume? I think i heard that it was something on the side of the phone... is this true? And if so, does it change volumes in your pocket without you knowing? -When you have the phone on "sleep mode" and you...
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    Honest questions answered.

    You mentioned the data plan possibly being 19.99 and the text being another 19.99 adding up to about 40 total. If we already have an unlimited texting plan, can we just add only the 19.99 data plan to our current texting plan? Or are they requiring you to get the texting/data bundle. And as...
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    Pricing "rumors"

    Forgive me if my question is too simplistic but can you sign this two-year contract if you're currently a cingular customer and your contract hasn't expired yet?
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    Apps syncing with iPhone

    So are you saying that I will not be able to sync the iPhone with all of my contacts and calendar items that I have in Entourage?