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    Apple TV 4 jailbreak

    Anyone know if u can jb AppleTV 4 10.1? Thank you
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    Apple tv4 jailbreak

    Can we jailbreak Apple tv4 10.1 yet?
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    jailbreak 4.0.1

    I'd like to jailbreak my iPhone running software version 4.1.1. How do I jailbreak without using Thanks!
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    tomtom question

    does tomtom work off a 3g network? I am planning to travel to europe and i am in the states will i get billed for roaming using tomtom? Thanks
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    Tom Tom

    So will we now see tom tom in the 3.0 update?
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    Why does Music app play same song every time?

    Can someone please help me. Why is that when i have my earplugs in and I click the thing that makes your music come on , It ALWAYS starts at the same song everytime I click it on. If its today tomorrow or the day after it always starts at the same song and goes through the same rotation. How do...
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    battery mod?

    Hello everyone is there a way to change the battery from the small one at the top right of the phone to a percent? I would rather know what percent of battery is left rather then a picture of a battery depleting. Thanks
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    Monopoly is out for the iPhone. I'm a fan of the classic board game, but not sure I want to buy the iPhone app just yet. Anyone tried it yet? Any reviews?
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    Anyone having problems with this app after 2.2 jb but me?
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    jb 2.2 windows

    Can someome give me a hand i want to jb my iPhone, but i want to still have an option 4 a soft unlock later. My question is how do I jb on windows with still have the option for a unlock later. Thanks all
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    how can i make a .caf file

    I am looking to make a .caf file how can I do this? And can it be done to say a personal message?
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    brain challenge icon

    can someone tell me where this is
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    can someone please tell me the extension of where my paid apps go? I can't seem to find the file. Thanks
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    Has anyone heard about this and where can I find it?
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    Where can I get free movies for iPhone?

    Can anyone suggest a good site with lots of movies to download that are free in mp4 format? Thanks
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    t alerts

    Has anyone installed this from cydia and does it work 4 u?
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    changing your icons

    Can someone please send me in the right direction of a good link or video of how to? Thanks Is changing your icons just deleting the png file and dropinging in a new one or more complicated?
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    loring studios

    Can someone please give me a link to where I can dl his themes. Are they not available through cydia. And do theses themes need to be ssh to the iPhone?
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    best apps

    OK I have searched and searched but cant find. What does everyone recommend as their best app. Can be game or what ever. Thanks
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    best app for phone to be a video recorder

    Hey guys what app can I use to use my phone like a camcorder? Thanks to all