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  1. greasemuntney

    Cases-- which for new iPad?

    I have the Griffin Survivor case on my new iPad 3 and love it. Feels as though my iPad is protected from what ever life throws at it. Here's the link :
  2. greasemuntney

    Top 5 choices iPad case

    Or you could go Survivor protection for the Griffin Survivor. I have on eon my new iPad 3 and love it. Feel as though it is fully protected and it gives me one less thing to worry about. Here is a link to the site :
  3. greasemuntney

    Restoring from backup?

    You are kinda screwed. Now that Apple has stopped signing iOS 5.0.1 then you will not be able to restore to iOS 5.0.1 it will make you update and with you having someone else JB your phone means you do not have SHSH Blobs or anything like that saved so you are going to lose you JB and Unlock. If...
  4. greasemuntney

    Need an App That Tricks Another App to Think that 3G or EDGE is a WiFi Connection

    My3g or 3G unrestricted both do what you are wanting. Like noted above if you are on iOS 5+ then you will use 3G unrestictor 5. Then you can set what apps you want to use this way. Good luck.
  5. greasemuntney

    Do you guys use a case?

    The Griffin Survivor This is what I have my iPhone 4 protected with. I have big hands and a mechanic so I like to have it protected. A case is very cheap insurance for a high dollar device. Side note the case is AWESOME the clip is pretty crappy. Just saying.
  6. greasemuntney

    Mac Tips and Keystrokes

    Just noticed while reading this thread that on my Macbook Air that if you tap the DELETE button it will go back to previous page you was on. Delete button, takes you back to previous page.
  7. greasemuntney

    Griffin Survivor doesn't fit

    I suggest take it back and get another. Possibly you got a defective case something happen during the molding or something. I would just take it back and see if you can get it replaced. I use the Griffin Survivor on my iPhone 4 and LOVE it. The little flap on the camera is a pain but the case is a...
  8. greasemuntney

    1st Gen iPod nano recall

    Actually I posted it on twitter then copied the link and added here from the insert/edit image link. Didn't think about using my iPad I used my Macbook Air I got for Christmas.
  9. greasemuntney

    1st Gen iPod nano recall

    Another showing size of storage. I cropped it but still showing huge here.
  10. greasemuntney

    1st Gen iPod nano recall

    Man you can tell I am a mechanic my fingers look dirty. They are stained. LOL
  11. greasemuntney

    1st Gen iPod nano recall

    Sorry slow about uploading my pic. I have to figure out how to make them smaller for posting here. Any information on how to do this would be nice.
  12. greasemuntney

    1st Gen iPod nano recall

    Ok I received my new iPod Nano today. 8 gig and very happy. I guess I can use my iPhone charger to charge this thing. Didn't think about the charger being different. Oh well at least I have a new Nano with a 90 day warranty.
  13. greasemuntney

    Spire experiment help!

    From what I have been reading it is going to be a pain. It may be better to just wait till the i4S is JB and the files and code for every 24 hours can be easier to get. But I am still watching and hope you the best of luck.
  14. greasemuntney

    Spire experiment help!

    I will be watching this thread for sure. Good luck iPhonewarrior. I hope this works out. As soon as they release a JB for the 4S this will be easier to do. I have been reading up on all the server and proxy stuff. Sound like it could be very complicated.
  15. greasemuntney

    1st Gen iPod nano recall

    Cool just checked my Status on the Apple site. Now it says Replacement product shipped so mine should show up any day now. I am ready to get it. Also the 6th Gen smallest is what a 8 Gig? Or do they have a 4 Gig too?
  16. greasemuntney

    1st Gen iPod nano recall

    Ok it looks like they are running out of replacement 1st gen nanos so they sending out 6th gen nanos to replace 1st gen ones. I still have not received mine and the Apple site is STILL saying replacement pending so I guess it is a JUST WAIT. But if I receive more information I will post here.
  17. greasemuntney

    @pod2g "is ok to update to iOS 5.0.1"

    Sorry I figured it dealt with iOS updates so I posted it there. Thanks.
  18. greasemuntney

    @pod2g "is ok to update to iOS 5.0.1"

    This is the screen shot of his tweet.
  19. greasemuntney

    @pod2g "is ok to update to iOS 5.0.1"

    The jailbreak developer pod2g just posted on twitter that it is safe to update to iOS 5.0.1 for anyone that wants to. He said that all is safe and he sees no issues for anyone that is on iOS 5.0.1. He went on to state that he has a iPhone 4 un-tethered on iOS 5.0.1 and all is safe. If any one...
  20. greasemuntney

    I have the Sprint I4S, is that jailbreak available for the ios 5.0.1 and my modem firmware 1.0.13.

    There are no public released jailbreaks for the i4s so some one is pulling you leg! We just have to wait.