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  1. coinstar99

    iOS 7 beta 2 on the iPad? Any try this?

    I had iOS 7 beta 2 installed for two days and I am going back to 6.1.3. I was wondering if anyone else tried it out. I had poor battery life and some transition issues. I could have lived with the transition issues but the battery life was a tough pill to swallow. I just wanted to see or talk to...
  2. coinstar99

    Anyone else can't make their mind up about iOS 7?

    I installed in yesterday and then uninstalled it and went back to iOS 6. Now I'm sitting here in front of my Mac thinking about doing it again. Weighing the pros and cons of running it. I do a little bit of beta testing for apps, which is why I can install it, just can't make my mind up, as I'm...
  3. coinstar99

    Can't download books with eReader, help?

    Just like the title says I can't download any books with ereader. I have purchased books already, when I try to download I get an error that says it can't download and it goes back to the library. Anyone got any ideas ?
  4. coinstar99

    Since the Marketplace is closed?

    Does anyone know a good place to hunt for a deal on an iPhone? I had a 4 gig so that is all I am looking for, like a moron I sold mine and went back to my Treo 750 and then a Blackjack 2 and I am just not as happy as I was with my iPhone. So if anyone has an suggestions other than ebay, cause I...
  5. coinstar99

    Gmail now with IMAP!

    Don't know if anyone has seen this yet, I saw it on but Gmail has IMAP. I set it up through the online instruction that Google provided and it works great. You can't use the Setup option that the iPhone gives you, you have to set it up a little different, but it looks like some of us...
  6. coinstar99

    Anyone here have a scare with their iPhone?

    Went to sleep around midnight last night, and put my iPhone on charge. I woke up at 7:00am or so when my girlfriend left work, and I checked my phone for new messages, of which I had none cause I am a big loser! Anyway I feel back to sleep, as I am on disability for a work injury I have no where...
  7. coinstar99

    Sync an iPhone and a 30gig iPod video? How ?

    I searched around and couldnt find the answer. I have what music I need on my iPhone, but I want to fill my 30 gig video ipod with movies . Any idea how ? Since you gotta use iTunes you cant symv 2 devices. Any helpbis much appriciated.