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  1. Rhinohd

    FaceTime over Celluar on AT&T

    Looks like you need a shared Data plan to use it. So if I want to use it I need to dump my unlimited plan and go to 20gig shared plan for $40 more a month. AT&T you stink! No changing here...
  2. Rhinohd

    Selling My 3GS should I remove the SIM card?

    Should I remove the sim card before i sell it? Do I need to leave it in? What would happen (if anything) if I left it in when i sell it?
  3. Rhinohd

    JB Apps and upgrading to a new phone...

    So, I'm about ready to get the 4g and was wondering how it works with the apps I paid for (MyWi, MyProfiles and LockInfo). Will Cydia know its me or am I stuck buying the apps AGAIN? Is there a way to move the license from one phone to the new one?
  4. Rhinohd

    What is this Icon in the status bar?

    Just saw this today for the 1st time. In the status bar its the one with an "N" in the box. I see it in a bunch of apps and on the text screen?
  5. Rhinohd

    MyWi 4.0... $19.99?

    Really? $20 for an APP? I just bought the old version 2 weeks ago and now they want another 10 bucks from me? Will the old version work on 4.0 when I upgrade? If not it seems a little shady to me...
  6. Rhinohd

    Tether a iPad to my iPhone? Will it work?

    So Im getting an iPad and don't want to pay the price to have 3g just because I hardly leave the house, I work from home. I plan on getting MyWi for the iPhone and want to make sure it will work with iPads... Can anyone confirm?
  7. Rhinohd

    Anyone try "MotionX-GPS Drive" yet?

    Looks pretty cool. For the price it seems like a steal. The voice guidance packages look like they will cost $25 bucks a YEAR which isn't bad considering my Nuvi costs $100 a year to update maps. I plan on trying it out once I get my truck back from the shop in a couple of weeks.
  8. Rhinohd

    Best way to stream from iTunes to Home system

    I would like to stream music from my iTunes to my home stereo. The idea is to run speakers outside to my patio and control the music via remote on my iPhone. I'm just not sure whats the best way to this. Thanks in advance...
  9. Rhinohd

    Anyone loose drag and drop?

    Anyone loose the ability to drag and drop in the new version of iTunes? I'm trying to drag songs into it like I always do and since I updated it doesn't work. Same goes with album covers... I can add files to the library but not drag them in.
  10. Rhinohd

    Syncing Photos and it gets stuck...

    So I decided to change the wall paper on my iPhone. So I download a bunch and put them in a folder named "iPhone Wall". I go into iTunes and select that and only that folder to sync. Well it's getting stuck. Its been a good 20 min and I cancled the sync. I then unselect the folder and it...
  11. Rhinohd

    1v car chargers don't work on 3GS?

    So my Alpine radio and my griffin car charger will not charge my new 3gs. Am I doing something wrong? They both play music I just get a message that it will not charge on the phone. Its upsetting since the battery life stinks on the new phones...
  12. Rhinohd

    2 rings then only vibrate?

    My phone rings twice then vibrates only. Cant seem to figure out how to change this. Any help would be great. If I can change it at all...
  13. Rhinohd

    What's the best way to switch phones?

    With my new phone coming tomorrow I was wondering what the best way to switch over to it without loosing all my settings and email accounts is? Is it just a simm swap?
  14. Rhinohd

    Spotlight search What the Heck?

    So i put my name in Spotlight Search and I get results of emails from months ago? Whats up with that? I deleted these but they are still on my phone? How do I get rid of these? I have a 1st gen iPhone...
  15. Rhinohd

    3GS in a 1v case?

    Will my 3gs fit in my old 1v case? It's a Contour design case.. Thanks in advance.
  16. Rhinohd

    Should I upgrade for 2G iPhone to iPhone 3G?

    HI, I have the non 3g iPhone right now and love it! I was wondering if upgrading to the new 3g one is worth it. Any help would be great!
  17. Rhinohd

    Only One Phone Speaker Working

    Anyone else having this issue. Only one of the little speakers at the bottom of my phone are working! Is this covered under the one year warranty? Thanks in advance.
  18. Rhinohd

    Will lossless ever come to iTunes?

    So you think we will ever get lossless quality from iTunes? I have a ton of dough spent on my car audio and everytime I play from any iTunes file it makes me cringe!
  19. Rhinohd

    Apple to Open iPhone Programming to Outsiders

    Check it out... Not sure if it was already posted but I'm sure someone will tell me if it was...