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  1. 24trepid

    Blackra1n RC2 coming tomorrow.

    From geohot on Twitter. :ok:ok Coming tomorrow, #blackra1n RC2! fixed 3G support, tethered ipt2 MC and new 3GS support; icy is already fixed (via @geohot)
  2. 24trepid

    Coldplay releases Free CD for fans !

    Go here and download a free live CD, from Coldplay. Says it's a thank you for the fans. Look at top of page for free download. Servers are down, get it here ......
  3. 24trepid

    Fontswap is on Cydia ........

    Now you can change all fonts on the fly ........... :smile: It works PERFECT on my 2.2 iPhone 3G. Enjoy .......
  4. 24trepid

    The REAL iPhone Killer !!

    Check it out ............ :smile:
  5. 24trepid

    iPhoneBrowser 1.81 ............

    This is the new iPhoneBrowser, that works GREAT with the new 2.2 firmware ....... Enjoy ........:smile:
  6. 24trepid

    A question about my DF order ?

    I ordered an 8GB on July 18th, and it was pending on my bank card for about 4 days. Then it was no longer pending. As of today, it's pending again. Does that mean it's fixing to ship ? I checked my queue for my store, and i'm #1 on list. I WANT MY iPhone, DANGIT ! :laugh2:
  7. 24trepid

    Did my DF get dropped ?

    I ordered a 8GB last week, and payment has been pending, until today. It's no longer pending, and it hasn't cleared either. WTF ? :angry:
  8. 24trepid

    iPhone 3G availibility in central Florida ?

    I live about an hour south of Jacksonville. I DF an iPhone 3G Black 8GB, last Friday. I was told it could be 2-3 weeks to ship. I can't wait that long. Sold my old iPhone last week, and i'm having iPhone withdrawals....LOL. Would I have any luck just going and buying one straight out. Any info.....
  9. 24trepid

    Looking for anti-glare protector?

    For all of you looking for the Power Support anti-glare screen protectors, for the iPhone 3G. The same ones on the Apple site, which are on 6-8 week backorder. And on the Power Support website, on backorder. I just ordered a set from here, same price. Get them while you can.....:smile...
  10. 24trepid

    BodyGuardz or InvisibleShield?

    Alright guys, waiting on my DF iPhone Black. Which protector is better ? I'm not a fan of cases, so i'm gonna try this. Just gotta figure out which is the better ? Thanks....:2cool:
  11. 24trepid

    Fingerprints on black iPhone 3G?

    Alright all you that got the black iPhone 3G, how bad is it keeping the back clean ? I still haven't decided on the black or white. Heard the black is fingerprint magnet. Any info, Thanks.......:2cool:
  12. 24trepid

    Where are the iPhones ?

    I live in central Florida, and can't find any 3G iPhones at any Apple store or AT&T store. Where are all the shipments. Come on Jobs, let them go.......:laugh2:
  13. 24trepid

    Custom voicemail sounds ?

    Is there a way to ssh into iPhone, and use a custom voicemail recording ? Would be awesome........:smile:
  14. 24trepid

    Don't upgrade to 2.0 ........

    Hey everybody, don't upgrade. Unless you want to pay for ALL the apps. I had 2.0, and it's not worth it. It took forever to get back to 1.1.4 But, I'm back on 1.1.4 , jailbroke with Winpwn. I love you Installer..........:laugh2:
  15. 24trepid

    Glossy plastic back ?

    I've seen a few pics of the new black glossy back. Looks like it's gonna be fingerprint magnet, and show every scuff and scratch. Any thoughts ? I'm a guy, and I'm thinking on getting the white..........:2cool:
  16. 24trepid

    iToday in installer

    Skrew has done it again. Just installed iToday. It shows missed calls, sms, weather, birthdays, and a vWallpaper of your choice playing too. It's AWESOME ............:smile:
  17. 24trepid

    For everybody on Customize 1.21

    Add this source and look under Themes (Customize) I put all packages that use to be on installer. Enjoy.....:2cool: Now you can install the image and sound sets.
  18. 24trepid

    iDemocracy 3 is out..........

    I just jailbroke my 1.1.4 16GB iPhone. It blows the others away. In software includes: backups, iPhonebrowser, ssh, file manager, and many more features. It's even easier than ZiPhone. I'm in love with it. LOL. Everything works perfect, youtube, email, safari. It's for Windows or Mac. Try it...
  19. 24trepid

    New 3D racing game !!

    It's under recent packages, and it's called Raging Thunder. An awesome 3D racing demo. In Big Boss repo. Check it out.
  20. 24trepid

    Who has tried PocketTouch ?

    Just installed it. Very awesome. Let's you control your music in different ways. Like the shake feature. Just shake the phone to go to next song. Try it out, very cool.................:smile: