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    Bluetooth Keyboard

    Has anyone else been able to get their bluetooth keyboard to connect to their iPhone 4? It just won't seem to work for me.
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    Guide to Standing in Line on Launch Day

    I am going to try and actually wait in line this year and I am really excited. I was hoping you guys could post some advice and tips about based on your own experiences. Thanks guys!
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    Questions about pre-order process

    So I have never pre-ordered any Apple products before just because I usually have the will power to wait a few weeks after the rush to get my product, but this time I just can't wait! So as I understand, I will be able to pre order on the 15th and I can either request that it will mailed to me...
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    MacBook Pro External Hard Drive Issue

    So I have an external hard drive that I have been using for back ups for several months, but now I get an error message that says, "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer". I looked up other peoples issues with this, and they have used things like disk warrior to fix it, but I...
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    App Store Codes

    So a friend and I have made a blog, and we wanted to start doing this kind of "App of the Week Giveaway", but we don't know how to set that up. I have won apps in the past and I received a code that I redeem in the App Store. Does anyone know how to do this? All help is greatly appreciated...
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    Apps with no icon

    I am on beta 5, and lately after buying an app, it doesn't show up on the homescreen. Instead, there is a blank spot where the app should be with the name of the app right underneath the blank spot. All help is greatly appreciated.
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    Beta 3 Help

    So I got onto Beta 2 not long after it came out, then shortly after, the guy I bought the software from sent out a mass email with Beta 3 on it, so I updated and all was fine. But today, I woke up to find my phone with a "connect to iTunes" symbol on it. When I did connect it, I was informed...
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    Update Issues

    I am having an issue with the App Store updates. Every time the app store shows that I have an update, I go into the app store, but once I click on the updates tab, it tells me that all my apps are up to date. Why is this happening. What can I do to fix it? All help is greatly appreciated.
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    Lost Stock Apps

    So I decided to go back to a stock iPhone, but forgot to "un-poof" some apps before restoring it. Now I am missing a few apps as well as some apps that came with the phone originally (Stocks, Weather). What can I do to solve this dilemma? All help is greatly appreciated.
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    App store update issues

    I am running a jailbroken 2.2 iPhone 3G, and I am having an issue with updating the applications I have purchased through the app store. While on my phone, the little number appears in the top right corner of the app store icon telling me that some apps have updates, except once I go into the...
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    Slow iPhone [Jailbroken]

    So I have a JB 2.2 iPhone 3G, and it seems lately that everything about the phone is lagging. Opening apps (app store apps, stock apps, and cydia apps) takes forever. I deleted all of my useless apps, and I have over 1 gig of space left on the phone. What is causing my lag? All help is...
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    Is there a way to export SMS conversations off my phone?

    I am looking for a way to export a few of my SMS conversations off my phone and onto my computer. Is this even possible? All help is greatly appreciated.
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    App Update Problem

    So, I am trying to update a few of my apps off the app store, but when when I try to update the apps, I get this message: "This discounted price is only available to customers who own a previous version of this item. To purchase this item at full price, click Buy". As you can see, my problem...
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    SMS Alert Problem

    I am having a problem that hasn't started showing up till I updated to 2.1. So, every time I receive a text message, I will get the alert with the noise just like it is supposed to, but then fifteen minutes later, my phone will make the sms alert noise again. Mind you, the second time that my...
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    Feels a little glitchy...

    Has anyone noticed that (compared to the original iPhone), the iPhone 3g is a little glitchy... Certain apps take a little longer to load or they just plain don't work. My original iPhone froze up once in a blue moon, but my 3G freezes at least once every time I use it. It gets pretty...
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    Email Question in 2.0

    Maybe I am just missing something, but does 2.0 not give the option for how often the email app will check for new emails. I remember being able to set it to either every hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, or every time I opened the app. All help is greatly appreciated.
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    Downgrade 2.0 and then Unlocking

    I am following these instructions:, and everything works fine until I get to step 10. Everytime that I attempt to use either iLiberty, Pwanage Tool, or anything else, nothing seems to happen. If someone could please help me, I would greatly...
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    This doesn't make sense...

    If 2.0 has already been unlocked, then what is the Dev team waiting for before releasing it...
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    Need some advice...

    I currently have a v1 iPhone with 2.0 software and now I am beginning to become interested in the 3G. My question is whether it is really worth it. I hear all these v1 owners claiming that it really isn't that amazing, but then I think about the fact that it has 3G, GPS, better speakers, flush...
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    How much can I get for a first gen iPhone?

    So, I am considering selling my original iPhone to help pay for an iPhone 3G. My question is how much should I sell it for? Also, is it going to be worth more if I unlock it? And if so, how difficult is it to unlock an iPhone? If someone could help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.