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  1. 24trepid

    Free ringtones for iPhone 4

    Another cool site for iPhone ringtones is
  2. 24trepid

    Win the Verizon iPhone from everythingiCafe

    I have never won anything, please pick me! :-)
  3. 24trepid

    Add me in Game Center

    Add me: iTooCrzy
  4. 24trepid

    What's the wait after ordering at AT&T?

    I ordered mine from AT&T online Monday, Fed-Ex delivered today .......... :D
  5. 24trepid

    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    My latest ........ :dft012:wink
  6. 24trepid

    Is 4.0 beta buggy, you betcha!

    Love 4.0, it's so sweet !
  7. 24trepid

    iPhone OS 4.0 Feedback: Love it or Hate it

    I Love It ! Thank You Apple ........ :)
  8. 24trepid

    4.0 and Emoji?

    Mine doesn't work on 4.0 either ......... :(
  9. 24trepid

    F-u AT&T

    Your iPhone needs you ........ :dft010:smiling
  10. 24trepid

    can you do tethered jb reboot on ANY computer?

    Here's what I do. I have blackra1n on a 1GB flash drive. Just keep it in my car, or pocket. So I can run it from ANY computer, if I need to ........ :dft012:wink
  11. 24trepid

    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    iBlackNight ......... :eek:k:eek:k
  12. 24trepid

    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Another version .......... :eek:k:eek:k Got it here ........
  13. 24trepid

    iPhone Screenshot Thread

  14. 24trepid

    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    I used Categories, instead of Stacks. Just rename the blank Stack icons to : Favs, Media, Apps, Games, System. Then make those five folders with Categories.
  15. 24trepid

    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Found that awesome theme here .........
  16. 24trepid

    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    New theme, one page only ........ :D
  17. 24trepid

    Blackra1n RC2 coming tomorrow.

    It's mainly for the problems with the iPhone 3G.
  18. 24trepid

    Blackra1n RC2 coming tomorrow.

    From geohot on Twitter. :ok:ok Coming tomorrow, #blackra1n RC2! fixed 3G support, tethered ipt2 MC and new 3GS support; icy is already fixed (via @geohot)
  19. 24trepid

    Tutorial - blackra1n jailbreak fix

    This works for every 3G I've jailbroke with blackra1n. Plug iPhone to PC. Power iPhone off. Then turn iPhone back on, and as soon as you see the Apple, hit "make it ra1n". I've jailbroke 7 3g iPhones this way. Works like a charm ..... :ok:ok
  20. 24trepid

    GEORGE HOTZ about to do it again

    My thoughts exactly ............ :dft012:wink