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  1. hexonxonx

    Why Does AT&T Do This?

    I took my sim out of my Blackberry and used it in my 3G iPhone for a full day. The next day, I got a SMS from AT&T telling me that I was using a sim in a 3G iPhone that was not intended for usage in a 3G iPhone. The message also stated that I had to call AT&T to change the my plan to a 3G plan...
  2. hexonxonx

    iLife 09 Released Jan 30

    I installed it a few minutes ago. I do think that each app in the iLife suite should be sold separtely for those who only use one program. I have never used Garge Band or iMovie. I remember back in the day when MS used to sell the individual Office apps so you didn't have to buy the whole thing...
  3. hexonxonx

    Tips for charging iPhone battery?

    I easily get two full days as well. I maybe make 1-2 calls a day and listen to about an hour of music. I do keep email and 3G and push on all the time.
  4. hexonxonx

    'Throwaway phone'?

    BlackBerry Curve 8310.
  5. hexonxonx

    Apple has good coverage I bailed my phone...

    By the way, if the iPhone was smashed, Apple care wouldn't have replaced the phone. It isn't insurance, but a warranty in case if defects and failures.
  6. hexonxonx

    Now is the time to switch to a Mac

    Well the Blackbook has been gone since the unibodys were released. Don't look for a blackbook again, it's gone.
  7. hexonxonx

    Any news yet about iPhone 32 gb?

    Last year, the iPhone got the memory upgrade on February 5, the first Tuesday in the month. It was not announced but it was avialable in the stores on that day. I got a 16GB at AT&T that same day. This time, I think it will likely be a new model iPhone released that will also have more memory...
  8. hexonxonx

    3G with v1 data plan?

    True. AT&T monitors what phone you are using by tracking the IMEI number that every phone has. To test this, I took the sim out of my Blackberry and used it in my 3G iPhone. I made a call on the iPhone, then logged into the AT&T website. For the BlackBerry number, it now showed the phone as...
  9. hexonxonx

    How to listen to FM with iPhone

    Just downloaded, very cool app, thanks!
  10. hexonxonx

    What you learned since joining EIC

    That Nokia 8900s are $250 USD. :laugh2:
  11. hexonxonx

    MacBook Pro MacBook pro ram?

    I upgraded my MBP to 4GB tonight. I went to BestBuy. I'm all in favor of best to buy it now and enjoy it now. If I ever order things online, I choose next day delivery.
  12. hexonxonx

    Your thoughts on the 16g iPhone.

    My God that is just Brilliant! :2cool:
  13. hexonxonx

    Video Tip

    Windows users, never fear:
  14. hexonxonx

    Video Tip

    Hey all For the Mac users on the forum, I have discovered a AppleScript that installs into iTunes. This script allows you to change the Video Kind within iTunes so that your ripped videos, especially TV series, will all be grouped together under the TV shows tab in iTunes. This will also make...
  15. hexonxonx

    how long does a battery normally last

    Same here, and I don't use the internet allot either. I can go about 4 days on one iPhone and 4-5 on the other. Usage times are between 5-8 hours depending on what I use it for. Email is on only while I am working and WiFi is mostly off.
  16. hexonxonx

    Your thoughts on the 16g iPhone.

    It's nice to have. I have 2600 songs on mine now and still have 2.5GB free. It will also be nice to be able to buy some apps and not have to compromise music space for app space, 16GB is allot.
  17. hexonxonx

    MacBook Old question: MacBook: black or white?

    Does he even know he's got a pancake on his noggin?:gasp:
  18. hexonxonx

    How in the World does someone need 32...even 16 Gb's

    Same! I love my 16GB. I have 2GB left and I have over 2600 songs on it. I like the idea of having so much music with me because I never know what I may be in the mood for. When a 32GB becomes available, I'll be on it day one.
  19. hexonxonx

    Thinner MB- But R They Really?

    I've pretty much made up my mind to get the white Macbook with the 160GB drive. The only difference I think, is the bigger hard drive on the black one. Not worth paying $200 more just for that. I'll be getting mine on Sunday.
  20. hexonxonx

    How often do you charge your iPhone?

    I use two iPhones everyday. One gets recharged every two days, the other every three days. They get used on average about 6-7 hours each, mostly music and a few calls, email and some internet.