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  1. jsntrenkler


    Just picked one up on amazon ... $13.95 Will review it when I get it.
  2. jsntrenkler

    I stumbled upon this site... Gotta love it! Do you think anyone at Apple cares?
  3. jsntrenkler

    Dialing into the Matrix

    Hey there friends, Every once in a while (20+) calls when I dial someone it rings once and then I hear a bunch of garbled voices and static. Sounds kind of like dialing into the Matrix hehehe. When I hang up and dial again it is just fine, in fact the first call never actually rings the...
  4. jsntrenkler

    Don't Buy Your iPhone 3G from AT&T Store

    I purchased my iPhone 3G at the local AT&T Store. The next morning I noticed that the Glass on the screen was not flush with the rest of the phone, upon closer look you could see a light leak on the left hand side of the phone. I went back to the AT&T store where I purchased the iPhone and they...