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    What game are you currently playing on your iPhone

    I've only made it to the first part of the 6th island. Pretty fun game!
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    iOS 4.3 - iTunes Home Sharing

    I like the App called Audiogalaxy!
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    Camera Albums

    PhotoAlbums+ for iPhone/iPad?
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    Camera Albums

    What's the app?
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    Weather App

    I told you what's wrong. You have to create an override for it to completely close when you close it, or you will just keep getting the same results.
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    Weather App

    Your phone is jailbroken isn't it? Get backgrounder through Cydia. Create an override in backgrounder for so when you press the home button it will close the app, not 'background' it. Problem solved.
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    Apple Is So Generous

    A friend of mine is a Genius out here in Phoenix. He has told me that they do not like to say no to people.
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    AT&T Data Speeds Consistently Outpace Verizon iPhone Speeds

    My highest speed test on 3G was like 5mb or something. My bosses verizon 4 was getting around 1.5 or less. Lol! At home on my 12mb plan with Cox I got like 9MB. Only tested it once or twice. I remember doing the little speed test app against my two bosses droids. My 3G speed was more than...
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    data usage options?

    Think about it this way, wifi hotspot will run you $20-50 per month. Paying 30 bucks in overages will equal about the same? Or buy a Sirius radio dock or whatever and you'll be good until you get home on your wifi. Hope I helped?
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    Best JB for new 3GS 4.2.1

    I believe there is a jailbreak out for 4.2.1. How does it run on your phone? I love 4.1 on my 3GS. Was thinking of upgrading though.
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    4.2.1 Deleted email keeps coming back?

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    What's your location?

    Gilbert, AZ 85295, USA
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    Duplicate contacts

    What kind of phone?
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    Napoleon's Toilet Pic Thread

    Go Ravens!
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    XBOX Kinect

    I'm in Nevada, my dad got it for me for Christmas. I have two days left until I get home to play it. Anyone have it, played it, like it, love it, hate it? Share your thoughts please!
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    iPhone wanna be

    App Store > Droid Market A couple of friends have shown me games, that I have to keep myself from laughing at them. They're all excited, and I tell them, "It doesn't even have sound, WTF, lol." A lot of the times, I tell them, "I see why you have that 1gig processor." haha
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    iPhone wanna be

    The Nexus One? Lol where have you been?
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    Pull To Refresh for Mail

    I like it because simply, it's available to use! Although the mail app has a refresh icon, it's still fun to use. Lol
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    TetherMe question

    +1 on the MiWi!
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    iPhone wanna be

    I wonder how much i could save if we shaved the minutes down. Could probably get it down 20 bucks or so. I'm keeping the unlimited text and data.