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  1. Kathie Rebman

    Will I lose iPhone 5 jailbreak if I unlock it?

    I have my iPhone 5 jailbroken, if I want to unlock it will I lose my jailbreak? Any suggestions on the best place to unlock it? I have AT&T and just changed carriers so I sold my phone on ebay but AT&T won't unlock until I pay off my contract (after they bill me for the contract termination)...
  2. Kathie Rebman

    cellular data won't stay on

    When I turn on cellular data in settings it just turns off right away!
  3. Kathie Rebman

    updating to 5.0.1

    Twice now my husband has updated to 5.0.1 and about a week later he really has a problem hearing others on his phone, (yes his volume is up). They replaced his phone once and now he has to have it replaced again! Has anyone else experienced this?